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Powerful help must be found somewhere, or he must relinquish his inheritance and remain under the imputation of being an impostor besides. Where could he hope to find this powerful help? Where, indeed! It was a knotty question.

The wife, where danger or dishonor lurks, Safest and seemliest by her husband stays, Who guards her, or with her the worst endures." Eve resents the imputation of weakness, and insists on being left forever fancy free to roam at will. In self-confidence she goes forth and falls, and in falling introduces sin into the world.

Our readers will admire the tact with which Father Philemy worked upon the rival feeling between the factions; but, independently of this, there is a generous hospitality in an Irish peasant which would urge him to any stratagem, were it even the disposal of his only cow, sooner than incur the imputation of a narrow, or, as he himself terms it, "undacent" or "nagerly" spirit.

The Narragansetts affirmed that their constant enemies the Mohicans, acting with their customary treachery, had plundered their English friends while the Mohicans vehemently threw back the imputation on the Narragansetts.

"But I think and I do say that it is a preposterous instance of coxcombry to subject such a woman as Mrs. Royston because of a generous moment of self-reproach for a cruel and selfish deed to the imputation of inviting advances from a man who coyly plans evasion and flight and she scarcely two years a widow." "Time cuts no ice in the matter," Bayne forced himself to continue the discussion.

Then I ask him what right has he to do it, and what does he mean by it, and how comes he to be taking such a liberty without my consent, when I am raising myself in the scale of society by my own exertions and Mr Headstone's aid, and have no right to have any darkness cast upon my prospects, or any imputation upon my respectability, through my sister?

He spoke in the name of the various victims of the sham Corporation when he stated that his clients desired to express their conviction that the former secretary of the Corporation, whose evidence that day had mainly contributed to the exposure of the fraud, was himself entirely clear of any imputation in connection with the conspiracy.

There was no way by which he could establish the fact of his sobriety; for it is the very nature of such accusations to feed upon defence. Denial, whether humorous or indignant, would but condemn him more. The very plausibility of the imputation acted on him as a despotic suggestion. He began to feel that he must have been drunk at Rankin's; that he was drunk now while he was talking to Maddox.

Ben Jonson proudly points to himself as having never done such mischief: 'For my particular, I can, and from a most clear conscience, affirm that I have ever trembled to think toward the least profaneness. Though he says he cannot wholly escape 'from some the imputation of sharpness, he does not feel guilty of having offered insult to anyone, 'except to a mimic, cheater, bawd, or buffoon. But 'I would ask of these supercilious politics, what nation, society, or general order of state I have provoked? ... What public person?

The very thought of my having harmed her, even by imputation, in the minds of others makes me desperately unhappy. And what, what on earth could Marcia suspect of me or of Una to place us both in so false a light? What could Marcia mean in speaking in that way about Una's visit here when she herself came " He bit the word off abruptly and came to a stop.