There the hunted creature fell insensible on the ground, the master of the house refusing to give her up, though the maddened mob surged around it, swearing that if the "Arminian harlot" as respectable a matron as lived in the city were not delivered over to them, they would tear the house to pieces. The hope of plunder and of killing Rem Bischop himself drew them at last back to his mansion.

I can, however, certainly aver that I showed great moderation in possessing myself of only a small portion of the plunder the amount I appropriated was but an infinitesimal part of the Delhi prize money.

They sauntered into the dimly lighted hall, where there were fewer people, and he continued truculently: "I remember that side by side with the report of Miss Polot's engagement was a short account of the starvation at Pullman, and another column was headed, 'Nothing to arbitrate: Pullman says he has nothing to arbitrate. Did you see that the reporters carefully estimated just how much Miss Polot's share of the plunder would be?"

At all these houses play goes on. The ostensible host and hostess seldom join in it; they provide it simply to plunder their guests, by means of their accomplices, and thus wealthy strangers are inveigled and robbed." "But I have heard of a young Englishman, a son of Lord Rooksbury, who broke two Parisian gaming tables only last year."

An Alaric or an Attila, who marches with legions of barbarians for some gross view of plunder or ambition, is an instrument of divine power to effect a purpose of which he is wholly unconscious he is carrying a strong race to improve a weak one, and giving energy to a debilitated population; and the deserts he makes in his passage will become in another age cultivated fields, and the solitude he produces will be succeeded by a powerful and healthy population.

"If you find they are too strong to attack, you might harass parties sent out to plunder, and so save your houses, while you despatch men to ask for help from the Admiral. If, however, they are so strong in cavalry that you could not keep the field against them, I should say it were best that you should ride away, and join any party advancing to our assistance." A month passed quietly.

Jack had heard many times of the Kachin dacoits, the terrible mountain banditti who descend at times from their hills to plunder and slay, and now he was face to face with them. "See how it was," said Jim. "This village was raided at daybreak this morning. Not a body has been torn by a wild animal, and the beasts would have been busy enough to-night.

The plunder taken in Guayaquil, exclusive of the ransom, was very considerable.

At that time the nayer or lord of the city sent to demand from the citizens certain Arabian horses, which they refused; whereupon this lord gave out that he proposed to take a view of the sea, so that the poor citizens doubted some evil was meant against them by this unusual circumstance, dreading that he would plunder the city.

"They say 'tis done for religion's sake, but I know not what to make of it." The old Parish Clerk, North, had had a stroke the night after the plunder of the church, and lay a-dying and insensible.