Through the great endless sheepfolds you go to Falterona where the girls are singing their endless chants all day long guarded by great sheep-dogs, not the most peacable of companions. All the summer long these pastures nourish the sheep, poor enough beasts at the best.

There's beasts you never heard tell of in this wood worsest of all, snakes, that think nothing of twisting round a child and off with it for their supper afore one could cry out. But if you stop quite still they'll not find you out before I'm back with the donkey.

No wonder our perplexity increases and it seems impossible to determine what these men really did for the cause of truth. We have been unable to distinguish the hermit from the beasts of the fields. We hear his groans, see his tears, and watch him struggle with demons. We are disgusted with his filth, amused at his fancies, grieved at his superstition. We pity his agony and admire his courage.

Do you know, Isaac, you wouldn't believe what curious beasts there are in other countries, and what wonderful people and places! Why, we've only got to ATH No. 135 now; it leaves off at Athanagilde, a captain of the Spanish Goths he's nobody, but there are such apes in that number!

Take your bloody ship away!" "I guess he must be an Englishman," remarked Mr. Nestor, with a laugh. "Bless my dictionary, I should say so," agreed Mr. Damon. "Bloody, blooming ship! The idea!" "Well, I suppose we have scared the beasts," said Tom. "We ought to get out of the way. Put her up, Ned, and we'll come down some distance in advance."

Erect upon its hind legs, and with a musket on its shoulder, it marched ponderously and slowly around the circle, eying each of the sitting beasts except the wolf suspiciously as it passed. The watchful eyes of both Signor Tomaso and Hansen noted that it gave wider berth to the puma than to any of the others, and also that the puma's ears, at the moment, were ominously flattened.

You use the knife; but hear the words of the master: The teeth of wild beasts and their claws are weapons not to be despised. Your father and brother, and she who taught me what to think of the virtue and faith of Alexandrian women, shall tell you this in Hades. Soon shall every one of those follow you thither who forgot, even by a glance of the eye, that I was Caesar and a guest of this city!

Do you not see that I am unarmed? And at this season, at this hour, there are frightful, unearthly beasts about."

But let us bear in mind, too, how different from our own the old English cuisine was, and how many strange beasts calling for lubricants it comprehended within its range. An edifying insight into the old Scottish cuisine among people of the better sort is afforded by Fynes Morisoh, in his description of a stay at a knight's house in North Britain in 1598.

"'You don't pretend to say that the beasts are in that ugly looking hole, do you? said father, as the guide pointed to a low hole that ran beneath a high cliff, bordering the bay. "'There, said the native, still pointing to the hole; 'one, two, big, one little. "'Three of them! Why, you rogue, what made you lead us into their den? A pretty time there will be if they all charge us at once!