'What's puzzled me is the noises that's come from the house. Sometimes for days together there's not been a sound, it might have been a house of the dead; and then, all through the night, there've been yells and screeches, squawks and screams, I never heard nothing like it. I have thought, and more than once, that the devil himself must be in that front room, let alone all the rest of his demons.

Our heroes were nearly sickened at the repast, for it consisted chiefly of human flesh, while the wine-cups were made of empty human skulls. However, they laughed and talked and excused themselves from eating, saying they had just lunched. As the demons drank more and more they grew lively, laughed till the cave echoed, and sang uproarious songs.

Grandier alone remained unchanged through it all, seemingly insensible to the monstrous exhibitions, singing hymns to the Lord with the rest of the people, as confident as if he were guarded by legions of angels. One of the demons cried out that Beelzebub was standing between him and Pere Tranquille the Capuchin, upon which Grandier said to the demon

The ship's sails filled, the angry Roberval never looked back on his deserted niece, and the night closed down upon the lonely Isle of Demons, now newly occupied by three unexpected settlers, two of whom at least were happy in each other. A few boxes of biscuits, a few bottles of wine, had been put on shore with them, enough to feed them for a few weeks.

At that banquet of demons to which Thou accompaniedst me, Lord, I heard men sullied with crimes truly, but certainly not devoid of intelligence agree to acknowledge that we see real objects in solitude, meditation, and ecstasy; and Thy Scriptures, my God, many times affirm the virtue of dreams, and the power of visions formed either by Thee, great God, or by Thy adversary."

"What am I that I should have done this thing?" he had asked himself on that evening, while the blacks had yelled around him like devils. "What am I that I should do this thing?" was his cry now, as the voice of many demons sounded in his ears. What was he that he should rejoice at receiving that letter from the woman over whose head the waters were closing?

I turned and saw that she had deliberately slipped to the ground in the very path of the cruel demons who pursued us, thinking that by lightening the burden of my mount it might thus be enabled to bear me to the safety of the hills. Poor child! She should have known John Carter better than that.

They fought like young demons through the flaming streets. They fell in heaps under the German barrage-fire. Machine guns cut them down as though they were ripe corn under the sickle. But these French boys broke the Prussian Guard that day.

The Germanic races, which founded their States on the ruins of the Roman Empire, were thoroughly and specially fitted to understand the spirit of natural scenery; and though Christianity compelled them for a while to see in the springs and mountains, in the lakes and woods, which they had till then revered, the working of evil demons, yet this transitional conception was soon outgrown.

In whatever direction a rope or stay could possibly have been stretched so as to make somebody unhappy, it was there. In the midst of these trials the frightful little craft began to swing, and the water-melons began to rush heavily to and fro, and I came to the conclusion that this joki had been planned and constructed by demons. Which I stated to my friend.