But Pelle must stay with him; he dared not put out the light and lie alone in the darkness. "Is it the devils?" asked Pelle. "What devils?" Strom knew nothing of any devils. "No, it's remorse," he replied. "The child and its mother are continually complaining of my faithlessness." But next moment he would spring out of bed and stand there whistling as though he was coaxing a dog.

In the meantime the penetration of foreign influences into China was producing a reaction. A wave of protest against the "foreign devils" swept through the population and acquired intensity from the acts of fanatic religious leaders.

But, wholly, any night, or even partially for a few nights at a time, to forget our misery no, with all thy subtlety of intellect and with all thy hell-filled heart, O Lucifer, that is to us impossible! Forget our misery! O devil of devils, no! Bless God, that can never be with us! Our misery is too deep, too dreadful, too acute, too all-consuming ever to be forgotten by us even for an hour.

"Up, graceless one!" she cried; "and carry thy seven devils within doors!" The figure gathered itself together at her voice, and stood in an angle of the buttresses quaking and shielding its eyes with two gaunt arms. "Can I not exchange a word with Mère Pettit," scolded the woman, "but thou must sneak from behind my back on thy crazed moon-hunting?"

Do you mean to say that you let those poor devils die like rats while you had potatoes in your cabin, fresh ones? Man! Man! The juice of every potato was worth a life. You're lying, Klusky." "I ain't. No, I ain't. I hate them! I said they should crawl on their bellies to me. Yes, and I should wring the money out. A hundred dollars for von potato. I stole them all. Ha! ha! and I kept them varm.

What you have, unfortunately, been forced to learn is that it is not safe for a girl even a girl without beauty to act independently of older people, unless she has found out how to guard herself against devils." The words broke from him sharply, with a sudden incongruous hint of ferocity which was almost startling.

And when I call out: "Curse all the cowardly devils in you, that would fain whimper and fold the hands and adore" then do they shout: "Zarathustra is godless." And especially do their teachers of submission shout this; but precisely in their ears do I love to cry: "Yea! I AM Zarathustra, the godless!" Those teachers of submission!

The old missionaries, who believed these sorcerers inhabited by devils, record incredible deeds by them. Often the spirit forsook them, and they became common clay, but when primed with the deity's power, they would ascend vertical rocks of great height by touching the smooth surface with tiny idols which they held in their hands, and without any contact by their feet.

"That there are devils," says Bullinger, reduced apparently from argument to invective, "the Sadducees in times past denied, and at this day also some scarce religious, nay, rather Epicures, deny the same; who, unless they repent, shall one day feel, to their exceeding great pain and smart, both that there are devils, and that they are the tormentors and executioners of all wicked men and Epicures."

It seems that some who had seen the disciples cast out devils in Christ's name, though not themselves his disciples, attempted to do the same and succeeded; and that things of this nature were not uncommon after Christ began his ministry; though it did not always, if at all succeed, after his sufferings and exaltation. ++ ++ Acts xix. 13.