Hence Shelley's tone irritates when he shrilly summons us to adore his New Jerusalem. Reflecting on the narrowness of his ideals we are apt to see him as an ignorant and fanatical sectary, and to detect an unpleasant flavour in his verse. And we perceive that, as with all honest fanatics, his narrowness comes from ignorance of himself. The story of Mrs. Southey's buns is typical.

I had been curious to see whether in the galleries and temples of Venice I should be disposed to transpose my old estimates to burn what I had adored and adore what I had burned.

Ferdinand, now Lord Laxley, understood the merits of his finger-nails better than the nature of young women; but he is not to be blamed for presuming that Rose had learnt to adore him. Else why did she like his company so much? He was not mistaken in thinking she looked up to him. She seemed to beg to be taken into his noble serenity.

I had a terrible scene with Perrin, and it was the last one, for from that time forth we did not speak to each other again; a formal bow was the most that we exchanged afterwards. The climax was reached over my balloon ascension. I adored and I still adore balloons. Every day I went up in M. Giffard's captive balloon.

To her we will turn when the moment has arrived. She will not be insensible to our tears and entreaties. Until then good-bye ah! the word is less terrible than it looks, for our souls will be always together. I leave you but for a short space no! I leave your sweet eyes, your angel's face, your dear hands that I adore, but yourself I do not leave.

Your not being such, confirms me in the sentiments expressed at the end of my EPITRE. In conclusion, believe that I adore you, and that I would give my life a thousand times to serve you. WILHELMINA'S ANSWER, by anticipation, as we said: written "15th September," while Friedrich was dining at Gotha, in quest of Soubise. "BAIREUTH, 15th SEPTEMBER, 1757.

Ah, Laura, remember that before I knew you, I was without hope, without trust, without love. You crossed my path, and then my soul began to soar to God; for God is love, and he that knows not love knows not what it is to adore his Creator. You are not only the architect of my happiness, beloved, but that of my religion." Laura flung her arms around his neck, and rested her cheek against his.

The Governor, who is extremely civil to me, gave it to his brother; he thought him more used to winter marches. Adieu, my heart; I adore and love you!"

I suppose women adore him; I personally have got over my interest in that sort of man. I much prefer courteous and more diffident creatures." Lord Fordyce smiled. "Yes, I believe women spoil Michael terribly, and he is perfectly ruthless with them, too; but I understand that they like that sort of thing." "Yes most of them do. It is the simple demonstration of strength which allures them.

"Precisely; if we show Madame any attention, and do it adroitly, Monsieur ought to adore us." "Hum!" "Either that or we are great fools. Make haste, therefore, M. Manicamp, you who are so able a politician, and make M. de Guiche and his royal highness friendly again." "Tell me, what did M. de Saint-Aignan tell you, Malicorne?" "Tell me? nothing; he asked me several questions, and that was all."