I had been curious to see whether in the galleries and temples of Venice I should be disposed to transpose my old estimates to burn what I had adored and adore what I had burned.

When I transpose my castles, it roars louder than the rolling of the thunder!" A smoke arose from the valley and moved along like a floating veil, like a waving plume; it was the locomotive which led the train over the newly built railroad this crooked snake, whose limbs are formed of cars upon cars. It shot along with the speed of an arrow.

He had to drill beginners, abbreviate scores, transpose voices, and produce effects with lamentably inadequate material. And from morning to night he had to wage war eternal against libellous action, inattention, and inability. Nobody loved him for this; they merely feared him. They swore they would take vengeance on him, but they knuckled under whenever they seemed to have a chance.

First I had to remember the last tone I had sung, then I had to transpose it in my head, all in an instant. It was a critical moment. Suppose I did not hit the right note! The whole orchestra and the two- hundred-man-strong chorus would come thundering after me the orchestra on the right key and the chorus following in my footsteps. I turned cold and hot, and my knees trembled under me.

Those who attempt 'short cuts' in this work will certainly come to grief, unless they are born with the faculty undoubtedly possessed by a few of being able to transpose by a sort of instinct. Such people are fortunate, but it is not our present task to attempt to guide them.

"Why do you think it is a cipher rather than a document in straightforward Hebrew?" "Because it is obviously a secret message of some kind. Now, every educated Jew knows more or less Hebrew, and, although he is able to read and write only the modern square Hebrew character, it is so easy to transpose one alphabet into another that the mere language would afford no security.

Changes were slower when travelling was difficult, and the average of literacy was low; but gradually there came creeping up to Brussels cartoon after cartoon in the new method, for her skilled workmen to transpose into wool and silk and metal, "thread of Arras," and "gold and silver of Cyprus."

The last reason is not often advocated, but a little thought will show that it is impossible for the average student, not specially gifted in any way, to transpose even an easy piece of music at sight on the piano, without proving the possession of a trained ear and a knowledge of practical harmony. For class work with children it can be made a still more valuable test of progress.

This work must of course be voluntary, but a child is well rewarded when it finds that it is only the first step which costs, and that the second of such tunes is so much easier to transpose than the first! Such work is well worth any initial trouble taken it is a combined process of ear and mind which has a far-reaching educational effect.

You'd have the most complete independence. Do." Gora shook her head. "I've always this to fall back on." "Fall back on?" "Oh! I never meant to let that out. However....Perhaps it is as well....Morty you know his pride everybody has his prime weakness and that is his. Transpose it into snobbery if you like....We did not board down here. I kept a lodging house for business women.