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The dervish in the Arabian tale did not hesitate to abandon to his comrade the camels with their load of jewels and gold, while he retained the casket of that juice which enabled him to behold at a glance all the hidden riches of the universe.

Something's got to be done in this here place to set matters on a proper footing. You let a woman come nosing around where she don't belong, specially one with a loose-jointed tongue, and there's hell to pay. Our women is getting heady. You men will learn too late, maybe, that you'd better put the screw on while there's something to hold to." "It's sapping the juice, some."

"I must see where they put it," she said, and followed to the dark wine-cellar, where the grape juice was poured into a tank and left to ferment. It was late in the afternoon when they were once more in readiness to continue their journey toward Rome. The farmer's wife, who had told them all her family history, in Italian, would have been glad to keep them over night, but Mrs.

Take this herb and go fearlessly into the dwelling of the sorceress; it will guard thee against all mishap. She will bring thee a bowl of wine mingled with the juice of enchantment, but do not fear to eat or drink anything she may offer thee, and when she touches thy head with her magic wand, then rush upon her quickly with drawn sword as though about to slay her.

For this purpose it is cut into slices, and the exuded juice which it bleeds is accompanied with an agreeable aromatic odour. The fruit possesses many other valuable properties. After its discovery my people were never more afflicted with the maladies for the prevention of which it had been created.

Dad always carefully reamed out the first speck of carbon that formed in his pipe, and kept it reamed out with boring blade of his pocket knife. He wanted no insulation against nicotine, and the strength thereof; he was not satisfied unless the fire burned into the wood, and drew the infiltrations of strong juice therefrom.

Use the best white sugar. As the cans cool, keep tightening them up. Cut the fruit half an inch thick. Canned fruit juices are an excellent substitute for brandy or wine in all puddings and sauces, etc. It is a good plan to can the pure juices of fruit in the summer time, putting it by for this purpose. Select clean ripe fruit, press out the juice and strain it through a flannel cloth.

A gas rises from the oil and you take it off through a pipe and run it through a condenser, probably more pipe with water running over it. Then you put a bucket under the open end of the pipe and out of it drips the juice that you burn in your caroj to make them move." Edipon's eyes opened wider and wider while Jason talked until they stuck out of his head like boiled eggs.

Sally felt a pang, but tried to conceal it under a shuffling attempt to save his case by changing the form of it as if changing the form while retaining the juice could deceive the expert he was trying to placate.

In their wanderings one day in late summer the cubs, now so fat and well fed that their gait was a mere waddle, came upon a great patch of blueberries. Here was a treat indeed. They rose upon their hind legs and greedily stripped the branches until their faces were so stained with juice that Mother Bruin would scarcely have recognized them.