Dad always carefully reamed out the first speck of carbon that formed in his pipe, and kept it reamed out with boring blade of his pocket knife. He wanted no insulation against nicotine, and the strength thereof; he was not satisfied unless the fire burned into the wood, and drew the infiltrations of strong juice therefrom.

"'Twill be a pretty to-do of witchcraft to-morrow when they find a cell empty. Go hire passage to England in Captain Gillam's boat!" "Captain Gillam's boat?" "Yes, or Master Ben's pirate-ship of the north, if she's there," and he had dashed off in the dark. When Rebecca appeared above the cellar-way with a flagon that reamed to a beaded top, the keys were back on the wall.

Dust flew from the wall near his head, but he had spoiled the aim of both outlaws by fast, hair-trigger shooting. One sank against a broken-down bunk in one corner, reamed through the upper right arm and chest. The other fired again, but his gun hand was dangling, and he missed by a foot. Playing cards were scattered, as the other pair of bandits jumped up with their hands over their heads.

By doing these things he made a lamp which was practically operative and successful, the embryo of the best lamps now in commercial use, and but for which the subdivision of the electric light by incandescence would still be nothing but the ignis fatuus which it was proclaimed to be in 1879 by some of the reamed experts who are now witnesses to belittle his achievement and show that it did not rise to the dignity of an invention.... It is impossible to resist the conclusion that the invention of the slender thread of carbon as a substitute for the burners previously employed opened the path to the practical subdivision of the electric light."

Then David held them in place while Andy marked the position for the holes through which the spruce root thongs were to pass. Four holes were to be cut in each end of both boards, and holes to match in the bottom of the boat, and in an hour they were neatly reamed out. When Andy removed his thongs from the water they were quite soft and pliable, and proved to be strong and tough.

But our peculiar circumstances have brought this blessing to me, that I think he has often so "reamed out" his heart to me in the warmth of his love to a son he was never again to see in the body, that I know him better even than I should have done had I remained at home.

"Thank you, thank you, Malluch," he said, heartily, at the conclusion; "you have done well no one could have done better. Now what say you of the young man's nationality?" "He is an Israelite, good master, and of the tribe of Judah." "You are positive?" "Very positive." "He appears to have told you but little of his life." "He has somewhere reamed to be prudent. I might call him distrustful.

Away along some hours after midnight, I would hear some of the boys coming in from the still, letting out keen, piercing whoops that could be heard nearly a mile. "The swats sae reamed in every noddle, They cared na rebs nor guards a boddle." I took just one little taste of the stuff, from Sam Ralston's canteen.

In the old Scotch houses, a cask of claret stood in the cellar, on the tap. In the humblest Scotch country tavern, the pewter tappit hen, holding some three quarts, "reamed," Anglicé, mantled, with claret just drawn from the cask. At length, in an evil hour, Scotland fell