Their uniform was bright and attractive; white buckskin pantaloons, three-quarter boots, scarlet shakos set off with lace, mustachios waxed to a needle point; and above all, those richly ornamented blue jackets mantled with the historic pelisse that fascination to women, and encumbrance to the wearers themselves. ''Tis the York Hussars! said Simon Burden, brightening like a dying ember fanned.

"You're just like a little child one longs to protect. Are you quite alone in the world?" His eyes and tones were full of pity; and a faint flush mantled Sonia's cheeks. "Yes, I'm alone," she said. "But have you no relations no friends?" said the Duke. "No," said Sonia. "I don't mean here in France, but in your own country.... Surely you have some in Russia?" "No, not a soul.

In France you will find safety and honour, as your worth deserve'." Up sprang Sir Walter from his chair, and flung off the cloak of thought in which he had been mantled. "Impossible," he said. "Impossible! There is my plighted word to return, and there are my Lords of Arundel and Pembroke, who are sureties for me. I cannot leave them to suffer by my default."

Marvellously, and out of small means, the chisel had conveyed this impression; for the kneeling figure was mantled from head to foot, and had its face hidden in the folds of the drapery which skirted the bier, veiled, like the face of the tortured father in the old tragic tale.

On it there was something that made her heart beat faster, she found herself unable to tell why. She glanced at Lawrence. There he sat, his strong, stern face, calm and soulless. She wondered why blindness robbed this man of his rightful appearance. He had a soul, and it was a wild, beauty-loving soul, she knew, but blindness quite mantled it.

It was Saturday of the week following the events narrated in the last chapter. The snow that mantled the earth was frozen solid, and the bells tinkled merrily as the sleighs skimmed over the glistening road. A cold bracing air sent the blood surging through the veins of the pedestrians and brought the ruddy glow of health to their cheeks.

A flush of grateful surprise and pleasure mantled Dennis's face, but before he could speak she was gone. The audience were soon thronging in. By half-past eight the performers were all in the back parlor, and there was a brilliant army of actors and actresses in varied and fanciful costume, many coming to the house dressed for their parts.

There was a majesty in his height and air, which made the advance of the two upon him more wary and respectful than their first impulse had counselled. They could not read his features, which were mantled behind voluminous folds: all save a pair of very strange eyes, that, even as they gazed directly downward, seemed charged with restless fiery liquid.

A deep flush mantled John Brooks' face, but he made no retort, while Septima energetically piled the white fluted laces in the huge basket piled it full to the brim, until her arm ached with the weight of it the basket which was to play such a fatal part in the truant Daisy's life the life which for sixteen short years had been so monotonous.

No, this will go to Steadman by acclamation, unless you let us nominate you." "Well, I'll reconsider," said the doctor, "and phone you inside of twenty-four hours." When Mr. Gilchrist had gone, the doctor sat with his hands behind his head. His eyes were very bright, and a flush mantled his cheek. His heart thumped so hard, he could hear it.