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Bennett emerged from the French windows of the drawing-room, clad in white flannels and buckskin shoes, supplying just the finishing touch that was needed. Mr. Bennett crossed the lawn, and sat down beside his daughter. Smith, the bulldog, raising a sleepy head, breathed heavily; but Mr. Bennett did not quail.

Pard was standing in a far corner under a shed, switching his tail methodically at the October crop of flies. His head lay over the neck of a scrawny little buckskin, for which he had formed a sudden and violent attachment, and his eyes were half closed while he drowsed in lazy content. Pard was not worrying about anything.

Marshall now stood for a moment, irresolutely, his eyes fixed on Thure and Bud; and then, suddenly, he thrust one of his hands deep into his trousers pocket and drew out a little roll of buckskin, carefully folded and tied. This little packet he at once untied and unrolled and brought to light two small gold nuggets. With one of these in either hand he now approached Thure and Bud.

Something in her voice made me turn and look at her, and she quickly averted her eyes. "What's that?" cried Gummidge, an instant later. "Don't you see? There it lies, shining." I darted past him to the left of the path and at the base of a tree I picked up a hunting knife sheathed in a case of tanned buckskin.

But the buckskin sack of gold was swelling and rounding out most satisfactorily. By the end of the week it contained over a pound! But the long hours, the excitement, and the inadequate food told on our nerves. We snapped at each other impatiently at times; and once or twice came near to open quarrelling. Johnny and I were constantly pecking at each other over the most trivial concerns.

With a quick, tight rein she drew up, swung from the saddle expertly as a vaquero, and began to untie a canteen held by buckskin thongs to the side of the saddle. He drank long, draining the vessel to the last drop. From her saddle bags she brought two sandwiches wrapped in oiled paper. "You're hungry, too, I expect," she said, her eyes shining with tender pity.

The Indian boy smiled and the Englishman responded, but in a superior way. He felt it was almost unfair to run against such a child, and in such a race, which wasn't a real race at all, in spite of the heavy stakes. Thus they rode side by side at a good pace for half a mile, during which the buckskin drifted behind a little, now a length, now a length and a half.

"Then you reckoned to go, any way?" said Dunn, with a searching look at his companion. "I calkilated SOMEBODY would go," returned Brace, evasively, patting the impatient Buckskin; "but come in and take a drink before we leave." Dunn started out of a momentary abstraction, put his hand on his hip, and mechanically entered the house.

Injin Charley explained that the fur would drop out. It was the wrong season of the year for pelts. "Then we'll have buckskin and I'll get a buckskin shirt out of it," suggested Wallace. Injin Charley agreed. One day Wallace returned from fishing in the pool to find that the Indian had cut out the garment, and was already sewing it together.

It was the feather of an eagle, one that might have dropped from the wing of some soaring bird, but the quick eye of the boy saw that the quill had been cut with a knife, as the feather of a goose used to be sharpened for a pen. He suppressed the sharp exclamation that rose to his lips, and thrust the feather into the bosom of his buckskin hunting shirt.