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I am very glad you called, and I will be glad to serve you in any way you desire. By the way, how is the corn turning out in your part of Illinois? Bumper crop, I have no doubt." "I think so," said Percy, "after seeing the crops here in the East. "That's what I thought," continued the Secretary." A bumper crop, the biggest we ever raised. Oh, they don't know how to raise corn here in the East.

Realizing that Jack had now posted him thoroughly, Perk managed to curb his curiosity besides, the chances were his pal would be likely to frown on anything approaching garrulity. Several hours passed and most of this time they spent taking short naps in order to keep in condition for anything that might crop up.

Cooke in his Guide to Browning gives a condensed catalogue of the best books and essays on Browning, which covers many finely printed pages. This class of book the text-book is not the product of impulse. The text-book is a commercial article and follows the demand as closely as the reaper follows the crop.

This costume, though somewhat extravagant, displayed his slight, but perfectly-proportioned figure to the greatest advantage. The only departure which he made from the fashion of the period, was in respect to the peruke an article he could never be induced to wear. In lieu of it, he still adhered to the sleek black crop, which, throughout life, formed a distinguishing feature in his appearance.

And he did leave, too, but the shark had him before the day was done, poor fellow." "And a pity, too. But there are times for mourning, and we will attend to this case further on; other matters are pressing, now. I will go down and set the machinery in motion in a quiet way and buy the crop. It will cheer the drooping spirits of the boys, in a transitory way.

The metalliferous veins crop out on the surface of the ground, preserving the same longitudinal directions as the ranges themselves, and the rock in which the ores are imbedded, generally speaking, is a compact slate.

After that he dared not even glance at the girl by his side. "I'm very sorry," he muttered. "I'll stop that right away." "You mustn't disturb your friends on my account," she said quietly. She did not look up, but Trent felt keenly the alteration in her manner. "They're not my friends," he exclaimed passionately "I'll clear them out neck and crop."

Pray God send us a good howling crop: Every twig, apples big; Every bow, apples enow!" "They then shout in chorus, one of the boys accompanying them on a cow's horn. During this ceremony they rap the trees with their sticks." This is called "wassailing" the trees, and is thought by some to be "a relic of the heathen sacrifice to Pomona." Herrick sings,

And these were the fallen petals of its last-night's crop of flowers, which had opened there, under the moonlight, unseen and alone. Unseen and alone? How do we know that?

The fourth bird was a queer hawk of the genus ibycter, black, with a white belly, naked red cheeks and throat and red legs and feet. Its crop was filled with the seeds of fruits and a few insect remains; an extraordinary diet for a hawk. The morning of the 16th was dark and gloomy. Through sheets of blinding rain we left our camp of misfortune for another camp where misfortune also awaited us.