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"Give him my love," she sobbed; "tell him that the business is doing splendidly and that he is not to buy any of Lafitte's laces next time he goes to Paris en permission." A little later, the Rochambeau, with slow majesty, backed into the channel, and turned her bow to the east.

Only the desperation of a last moment had forced him to decide upon the imitation alligator bag, which he now held in his hand. It looked small and mean to him as the moment of presentation approached, and he was glad that the saleswoman in the little country store had suggested the addition of ribbons and laces, which he now drew from the pocket of his corduroys.

"That'll be for us, Ella," said Miss Fancy Goods. "We told the office to call us here. The boys are probably downstairs." She answered the call, turned, nodded, smoothed her gloves and preened her laces. Ella Morrissey, in kimonoed comfort, waved a good-bye from her armchair. "Have a good time! You all look lovely. Oh, we met Max Tack downstairs, looking like a grand duke!"

There were more stuffs for making up dresses than dresses made up, I should say nearly double. I found one large bundle of point-lace, some of it of great beauty, which I presume had belonged to her mother; and of other laces there was a great quantity.

Gell, of Hopton Hall, father of Sir William Gell, well known for his topography of Troy. See ante, iii. 160, for a visit paid by Johnson and Boswell to Kedleston in 1777. See ante, iii. 164. The parish of Prestbury. Shavington Hall, in Shropshire. 'To guard. To adorn with lists, laces or ornamental borders. Obsolete. Johnson's Dictionary. Johnson wrote to Mrs.

I had in my trunk a pair of boots, old but fashionable, with pointed toes and laces. I had brought them with me in case of need, and only wore them in wet weather. When we got back to our room I made up a phrase as diplomatic as I could and offered him these boots. He accepted them and said with dignity: "I should thank you, but I know that you consider thanks a convention."

He had an extraordinary record for industry, and painted very quickly, as he had need to do, because it took a great deal of money to buy the sort of things Van Dyck liked fine laces and velvets, perfumes and satins. His plan was to sketch his subject first on gray paper with black and white chalk, and after that he gave the sketch to an assistant who increased it to the size he wished to paint.

They tangled the laces, caught their own lace in the hooks, and laughed heartily all the while. "It is the least that the oldest friend of the family," she loved to speak of herself as such "should make herself useful at such a moment," muttered Madame de P., holding her eyeglass in one hand and working with the other.

"While Foster wrote many comic songs there is ever in them something of the melancholy undercurrent that has been detected under the laces and arabesques of Chopin's nominally frivolous dances.

Yet that could not be, for the lady was young, and plump, and rosy, and wore rich laces, and a costly dress. She seemed to look down upon her from the golden frame with a smile of satisfaction. There was something roguish in her eye, as though she was on the point of bursting into a laugh at some mischief she had perpetrated.

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