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He gave me a Latin devotional poem and an engraving of himself, and I came home about two o'clock. January 6 to 12. We reach the 12th January, amusing ourselves as we can, generally seeing company and taking airings in the forenoon in this fine country. Sir William Gell, a very pleasant man, one of my chief cicerones. Lord Hertford comes to Naples.

And so things went along, and they was all jolly except me, but I had it tugging at my heart day and night, that the little gell as 'ad been my very own these seventeen years wouldn't be mine no longer soon, and, God forgive me, I hated Bill Jarvis, and I wouldn't 'ave been sorry if I'd 'eard as 'arm 'ad come to him.

You must answer when a question is asked. Wouldn't you like to learn your letters, like a goody girl, so you can read the nice books? Now be polite, and speak." "I don't want to be polite, and speak, nor I don't want to learn my letters, like a goody gell; so there!" replied Dotty, seizing the kitty, and wrapping her in a shawl.

He listened in increasing alarm and amazement and his old limbs tottered beneath him, so that he called out, hastily: "Give me a seat, somebody, quick, before I fall. I I to think of my little gell my own sweet-faced, lovin' little gell Oh, I can't believe it! I can't and I won't. It's some plaguey Californy yarn' you're passin' the time with. Atlantic!

"I was bade to ask you, sir, if Miss Ruth might come and pass an hour or two. My mother would be particularly pleased to see her, I was to say." The young fellow was blushing fierily as he spoke, but no one noticed this except the girl. "Go up, my gell, and spend an hour or two," said her father. "Reuben 'll squire thee home again."

Where the stones can be seen projecting through the turf embankment they are smaller than usual in Etruscan cities. Sir William Gell found hereabouts a portion of the wall composed of enormous blocks of tufa three or four yards long and more than five feet in height based upon three courses of thin bricks three feet in length, that rested upon the naked rock.

'said her mother, assenting with a philosophic air. 'That's a wench's way. When a man wants nothing her'll give him as much as her can spare. But look hither, my gell! You listen to the words of a old experienced woman. There's a better love comes after the weddin', if a gell marries a worthy solid man, than ever her knows before it. If a gell averts from a man that's another matter.

"I'm fond enough of the gell, but I shan't clamour for a tombstone with wiolets, even if she ain't ever Mrs. Capt'n Kit. Business is business; and I ain't going to queer 'er pitch for 'er."

'What are witches? demanded Louie, scornfully. 'I doan't bleeve in 'em. Reuben frowned a little. 'Theer wor witches yance, my gell, becos it's in th' Bible, an whativer's in th' Bible's true, and the farmer brought his hand down on the top bar of the gate. 'I'm no gien ony judgment about 'em nowadays. Theer wor aw mak o' queer things said about Jenny Crum an Needham Farm i' th' owd days.

Guest and I see clear enough. Three years ago we took Gell into the concern; we gave him a share in the oil-mill. And why? Why, because Gell was a fellow whose services were worth a premium. So it will always be, sir. So it was with me. And though Gell is pretty near ten years older than you, there are other points in your favor." Tom was getting a little nervous as Mr.

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