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And then, inspired by one idea, these same nomads suddenly rose in their turn and for a long time became the masters of the most beautiful valley of the old world, and were the bearers of the then civilization and science. One hundred years after the death of the Prophet, his first followers, the Sarazenes, ruled from the Himalayas to the Pyrenees, and from the Indies to the Atlantic Ocean.

Not only did railway construction supply work for large numbers of laborers and help bring about an ever greater westward migration, but it opened a market for the huge agricultural surplus of the Middle West. Without the market in the cities of the populous Atlantic Coast and Europe, the expansion of the West would have been impossible.

IN the ten days on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, as the passenger list declared them, planned the early stages of their campaign.

It is as much the duty of the Government to construct good harbors, without reference to the location or interests of cities, for the shelter of the extensive commerce of the Lakes as to build breakwaters on the Atlantic coast for the protection of the trade of that ocean.

'The old Adam is stronger than ever in me, he pursued. 'If I were condemned for life to the United States, I should go mad, and perish in an attempt to swim the Atlantic. 'Then why did you stay so long? 'I could have stayed with advantage even longer. It's something to have studied with tolerable thoroughness the most hateful form of society yet developed.

The position of the United States, between the two Old Worlds and the two great oceans, makes the same claim, which will soon be strengthened by the creation of the new link joining the Atlantic and Pacific.

Thus was this naval battle so far as historical knowledge reaches, the earliest fought on the Atlantic Ocean just like the engagement at Mylae two hundred years before, notwithstanding the most unfavourable circumstances, decided in favour of the Romans by a lucky invention suggested by necessity.

Charles, will you favor us with some account of the islands?" CHARLES. "Staten is a detached island, which may be considered as forming part of the archipelago of Terra del Fuego. It was discovered by Lemaire. "The Falklands are two large islands, separated from each other by a broad channel of the same name. We are now nearly out of the Atlantic."

Lawrence from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean." It has been uniformly and consistently maintained on the part of the United States that by the term "highlands" was intended what is in another form of the same words called the height of land.

The beginning of the 17th century is an interesting epoch in American annals. Although the Atlantic coast of that vast country now comprised within the limits of the United States and Canada had previously been traced by navigators, and some little knowledge acquired of the tribes of red men who roamed its interminable forests, no attempt at colonization worthy of the name had succeeded.