But the trials of the ascent were forgotten in the overwhelming grandeur of the scene which burst upon us as, just at sunrise, we drew rein at the summit of the Moengal Pass. Never, not in the Rockies, nor the Himalayas, nor the Alps, have I seen anything more sublime.

How wonderful!" murmured the girl on the verandah, her eyes turned to the long line of the Himalayas filling the horizon to the north. Clear against the blue sky the shining, ice-clad peaks of Kinchinjunga, a hundred miles away, towered high in air. Mystic, lovely, they seemed to float above the earth, as unsubstantial as the clouds from which they rose.

We must overtake this vessel, and the question to be answered is where?" "That's easy," said Artemus Ward. "From what Shem says, I think we'd better look for her in the Himalayas." "And, meanwhile, what shall be done with Kidd?" asked Holmes. "He ought to be expelled from the club," said Johnson. "We can't expel him, because he's not a member," replied Raleigh. "Then elect him," suggested Ward.

While wild tea is found in Assam and in several of the states adjoining the Himalayas, tea growing is practically a new thing in India compared with China and Japan. It was not until 1830, when Lord William Benthinck was viceroy, that any considerable amount of tea was produced in India.

It is a sort of vesicular appendage, capable of being inflated with air; and supposed to serve as an atmospheric buoy to assist in sustaining the bird in its flight. The annual migration of the bird over the lofty chain of the Himalayas might not be possible, or if possible, more difficult, without this power of decreasing the specific gravity of its body.

Distinguishing features of the races of Nepaul The Ghorkas Conquest by them of Katmandu Maintenance of the Nepaul army Bheem Singh's monument A feast at the minister's We bid him adieu Ascent of the Sheopoori Magnificent view of the Himalayas from its summit.

It is the custom in India to send a certain number of invalids from each regiment up to stations in the Himalayas for the hot weather; and though the men ought to enjoy the cool and the comfort, they miss the society of the barracks down below, and do their best to come back or to avoid going.

Of the common flycatchers of the Western Himalayas, the following occur in the Eastern Himalayas: 41. Stoparola melanops. The verditer flycatcher. Very common at Darjeeling. Cyornis superciliaris. The white-browed blue-flycatcher. Alseonax latirostris. The brown flycatcher. Not very common. Niltava sundara. The rufous-bellied niltava. Very abundant at Darjeeling.

The mountainous region of Nepál, lying on the slopes of the Himálayas north of Bengal and Oudh, had been occupied by the warlike nation, still known as the Gúrkhas, whose capital was at Khátmándu. Like the Maráthás, they had been in the habit of pillaging British territory as well as Oudh, and when part of Oudh was annexed by Wellesley, frontier disputes were added to former grounds of hostility.

Some of the component parts of the sharp-edged vapour that came flying up the Thames at London might be mummy-dust, dry atoms from the Temple at Jerusalem, camels' foot-prints, crocodiles' hatching- places, loosened grains of expression from the visages of blunt- nosed sphynxes, waifs and strays from caravans of turbaned merchants, vegetation from jungles, frozen snow from the Himalayas.