As we crossed the Park front going from Fifth Avenue east to west, he paused, and leaning on his cane gazed skyward, where the outlines of some buildings, in process of construction on Fifty-ninth Street, and then considered high, stood out against the sky.

Not more slowly than the construction of my own response, which I heard myself making: "This countryman of mine who is he?" "One of your kind of Kentucky Colonels," Poor Jr. laughed mournfully.

There is a standard make of brooder costing five dollars that will accommodate fifty chicks. Brooders are very simple in construction and can be made at home. A tinsmith will have to make the heating drum. The rest of it is simply a wooden box with a curtain partition to separate the hot room from the feeding space.

'That is what I came to explain; and Percy repeated the history he had before given to Violet, adding a warning of the same kind as John's against placing Arthur in Mr. Gardner's way. 'The point is, said Theodora, 'what construction is to be placed on the present state of things?

This is more simple in its construction, while it has certainty in action. The more skillful electrotyper would prefer Smee's, and this is the one most generally in use. I would remark that the plan of galvanizing plates should be followed by every operator, and when once thoroughly tested, no one will abandon it.

So she thought so we all think when some chance gives us precious hours that others are wasting in stupid sleep. But even she would not have risen but for that plaintive intermittent wail and a growing construction of a cause for it all fanciful perhaps that her uneasy mind would still be at work upon. She must find out the story of it. More sleep now was absurd.

Three important structures and one annex are already, under way and one addition has been completed in the City of Washington. in the country sites have been acquired, many buildings are in course of construction, and some are already completed. Plans for all this work are being prepared in order that it may be carried forward as rapidly as possible.

§ XXVIII. The reader is now master of all he need know respecting construction of capitals; and from what has been laid before him, must assuredly feel that there can never be any new system of architectural forms invented; but that all vertical support must be, to the end of time, best obtained by shafts and capitals.

Construction and organization the same in principle in all departments of creation can only be the work of mind, conscious of its operations, planning with forethought; analyzing, comparing and combining; adapting means to ends and calculating the relations of cause and effect.

Located at the extreme south of the park rose the stately Machinery Hall, following classical models throughout, and being especially rich in architectural lines and details. Its construction required a sum of $1,000,000.