But he only sat wonderfully still, and when he spoke dropped his voice to such a softness that it was curious that she could hear him, but she could. "It's part o' th' springtime, this nest-buildin' is," he said. "I warrant it's been goin' on in th' same way every year since th' world was begun. They've got their way o' thinkin' and doin' things an' a body had better not meddle.

I don't know why. I guess it's because I've always give up an' an' I can't tell why. A woman does just like a horse there's more'n one kind of whippin' a man can give an' she gets scared an' minds. A man begins right from th' first t' tell her what to do an' she loves 'im and wants t' please 'im, an' before long she don't have her way no more'n a nigger."

The speaker was old Stannard, and his auditors were a knot of half a dozen officers of the th. It was just daybreak, cold, crisp, and clear. It was about a week after the news of the battle of the Little Horn had reached the regiment.

What she meant was that the avoidance of th sounds in c and z, which the Filipinos invariably pronounce like s, is an improvement to the Spanish language.

''T will be easy t' settle that, says O'Halloran, 'for th' value of thim will be set down in th' books of th' United States, at th' time whin th' professor paid th' duty on thim. I'll just look an' see how much th' duty was paid on, says he. 'But mebby th' professor paid no duty on thim, I says.

"Did th' sting bad, me baughal?" "Ded no, not aany," I said. "Did ye squeeze thim tight?" "I put m' Dah's socks on m' han's." "Aye, that's a good thrick." Anna had a mouth that looked like a torn pocket. She could pucker it into the queerest shapes. She smacked her thin blue lips, puckered her mouth a number of times while Anna emptied and refilled the can.

She wur all th' world I cared fur, an' she'll ne'er forgie me, for she's a hard un she is. Aye! but I wur fond o' her! I wonder what she'll do I do wonder i' my soul what she's gettin' her mind on!" It did not occur to him to call to her or go and see what she was doing.

To-be-sure, I went to Sunday School and meetin' with the rest I jing! I had to! Huh! My old dad would just naturally a took th' hide off me if I hadn't. Yes sir-ee, you bet I went to church. But all the same I didn't want to. An' they sorter foundered me on religi'n, I reckon, Jim and Bill and Tom and Dave.

Maybe thar's better luck in store for you than you dream of," and Ham's face lighted up, as if a pleasant idea had suddenly come to him. "I want tew have a talk with th' rest of th' members of th' Never-Give-Up California Mining Company; an' then, may be we'll have a propersition tew make tew you, an', ag'in, maybe we won't," and Ham grinned so good-naturedly that even Mrs. Dickson smiled wanly.

It's all theer afore me. Aw see it as plain as aw see yon moors through th' window, only it's noan green and breet wi' sunshine it's dark. 'If God forgets the past, Amanda, why should you recall it? Look out through that window again. There's a cloud just dying away on the horizon yonder. Do you see it? It is changing its colour and losing its shape, and in a moment it will be gone. Watch it!