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And he sho would whoop dem dem niggers if he cotched dem. Lawd have mercy who whould haw thot I'd be here all dis time. I'd thot I'd be ded and gone. All dese ole niggers try to be so uppity by jes bein raised in de house and cause dey was why dey think is Quality. Some of dese nigger gals was raised in de house but most of dem was made work ebery whar on de plantation.

For thei trowed, that the body of Crist scholde have stonken; therfore thei made that pece, that went from the erthe upward, of cypres: for it is welle smellynge; so that the smelle of his body scholde not greve men, that wenten forby. And so trowed the Jewes for to have pes, when Crist was ded: for thei seyd, that he made discord and strif amonges hem.

He said: "In compromises they always get half." This removed my only objection. Chief BLUNT. He sent one of these by his confidential messenger to the "reputed wife" of Brick Duffy, and the other to the reputed wife of Red McFadden. Within the hour these offensive answers came: YE OWLD FOOL: brick Duffys bin ded 2 yere. CHIEF BAT, Red McFadden is hung and in heving 18 month.

In the middle of one of her long stories I thought I perceived a movement of the bedclothes, and, going to look, I found a considerable increase in the quickness of pulsation, and also a generous sort of glow upon the skin. "An' ded I no tell ye I wad recover him?" said she, with a triumphant look. "Afore twa mair hours are o'er he'll spak to ye."

I knew I'd get 'en that time, and I ded. She was some whisht, she was, weth you and your fine gentleman ways of not sleeping along o' she, when she found the way she was in...." He laughed, a tiny, little old thread-like laugh, as out of the trough of the years there floated up to him Phoebe's predicament and his advice as to how to meet it a thin little thread of laughter that spanned the years and connected that time of which he spoke with this present moment by the bed of death.

Menfolk are like children they'm a pack of worry, but the women can't get along happy wethout en." "Well, at least I haven't any children, Mother Penticost," said Judy, laughing. "Aren't married, are you, my dear? Mr. Ruan ded say 'Miss Parminter' to I when he came about the rooms." "No, I'm not married." "And why's that?" demanded the direct Mrs. Penticost.

And everyche of hem han before hem astrolabes of gold; sum speres, summe the brayn panne of a ded man, summe vesselles of gold fulle of gravelle or sond, summe vesseles of gold fulle of coles brennynge, sume veselle of gold fulle of watre and of wyn and of oyle, and summe oriloges of gold, mad ful nobely and richely wroughte, and many other maner of instrumentes aftre hire sciences.

A similar method of sale is stated to prevail at Tatworth, near Chard. Chelvey is a village 1 m. S.W. of Nailsea Station. Its church, ded. to St Bridget, preserves a Norm. door within the S. porch, and a Norm. font on the S. side of the building. There is a large chapel containing three recesses beneath ogee canopies. There is some old glass in the windows, and a cross in the churchyard.

He tole me yer name 'fore he went, an' so I rite meself to tell you Miss Dory's ded, an' ole Miss, too. She done dide a week ago, an' Miss Dory las' July. What shal I do wid de chile? I shood of rit when Miss Dory dide, but Mandy Ann an' me you 'members Mandy Ann sed how you'd be comin' to fotch her rite away, an' we cuddent bar to part wid her whilst ole Miss lived.

Crowcombe, a village 2 m. N. of Crowcombe Heathfield Station, and 1-1/2 m. E. of Stogumber, has a church ded. to the Holy Ghost. The roof of the S. porch is covered with fine tracery and has a large room above it, reached from within the church by a staircase in a recess topped by a turret. There is a small ancient screen and a modern reredos. The N. chapel belongs to the Carew family.

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