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Some of the people had stolen a boat for the sake of the nails in her, with which they wished to make fish-hooks. He landed with some boats to recover it. While speaking to some of the chiefs on the subject, a number of natives collected; and without his orders the marines, believing that he was about to be attacked, fired. A chief was killed.

They've taken the trench with heavy casualties and are beat out; couldn't hold it in case of counter-attack. As it's an important point, the enemy will try to recover it. I want to get into position before daylight, so he won't know fresh troops are coming in. As ranking officer, you are in charge of the Company." "Very well, sir. I'll do my best." "I'm sure you will.

From the 12th to the 18th we remained at the sand-drifts, during which time we were engaged in attending to the horses, in sending back to recover the stores that had been left by the overseer, and in examining the country around.

I cried out from the agony of pain, and the children ran on all sides for help. At length some charitable passengers drew me out, and placing me upon an ass, carried me home; where I languished for a considerable time, and never could recover my health sufficiently again to attend to my school.

She and her daughter had been happily awaiting the President's coming to them. Now everything was changed, and in sorrow and haste they went to him. For nearly three months President Garfield lingered on. At times he seemed much stronger, and those who loved him believed he would recover. But by degrees their hopes faded, and in September he died.

+Will religious faith regain its power?+ Will this happen again? For assuredly Christianity has for the moment lost its hold. Can it recover it? I am sure it can, if only because the moral movements of the age, such as the great labour movement, are in reality the expression of the Christian spirit, and only need to recognise themselves as such in order to become irresistible.

"Thank you for your attentions, sir," he said to the keeper; "but for that courageous man, I was lost." "How are you now?" "Better. Ah! all that has passed seems to me like a horrid dream!" "Recover yourself." "And my savior, where is he?" "In the governor's room. He is telling how the affray occurred. It appears that without him " "I should have been murdered, sir.

I sent to headquarters information of the plight I was in baggage and supplies on the bank and wagons in the stream begged to know what was to become of them if we were to hurry off at a moment's notice, and suggested that the movement be delayed until I could recover my transportation.

To recover myself and think I sat upon the doorstep of an empty house, and there came dancing down the road with a curious, half-running, half-hopping step something like a water wagtail's a child, a boy about my own age, who, after eyeing me strangely sat down beside me. We watched each other for a few minutes; and I noticed that his mouth kept opening and shutting, though he said nothing.

I never told it you. Nicholas Cropredy." "I knew it," said Gwen heedlessly. Then, to recover her foothold: "Somehow or other! You must have told it me. Else how could I have known?" "I must have.... No, I never knew when my father died. But I should have known. For I stood by his grave when I came back. Such a many years ago now even that! But I read it wrong.