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"I never rendered any services to anyone on the 12th of August or after it. It is some mistake 12th of August that was the day of the grand masquerade." "A lucky one for you, at all events for you know, mistake or not, no one else can touch the legacy. It can only be paid to you." "I never heard of anything taking place at the masquerade I was there, but I left early, for I was not very well.

W. Cunard, and his son; a Mr. Morgan, a banker and friend of Mrs. Pruyn's, has put off coming unfortunately, for from all accounts he is much to be liked; he called twice, and the second time I was able to see him. I remained quiet, but saw many visitors, and many I was obliged to decline seeing; the sons both went out to dine. Wednesday, 12th.

On the 12th he destroyed the railroad from Trevilian Station to Louisa Court House. This occupied until three o'clock P.M., when he advanced in the direction of Gordonsville. He found the enemy reinforced by infantry, behind well-constructed rifle-pits, about five miles from the latter place and too strong to successfully assault.

Both officers and privates were for the most part serviceable, steady men, worthy of a more efficient leader. On the 12th of February, they were overhauled and searched by H.B.M. ship Cleopatra. Nineteen men with American protections were carried off in the frigate's boat, and twelve native Americans taken out of prizes sent back to replace them.

Stumpy tried hard to see him through the mistiness before his eyes, "but you'll get me away before Jerry comes...." Casualty list two weeks later: "Pte. ." Missing. April 12th. He is still unheard of, forgotten. His grave is undisturbed somewhere in peaceful loneliness.

While, on Friday, July 12th, the sixth day of the insurrection, he was sitting in his judgment-seat, a female masked, or man in woman's habit, approached and whispered, 'Masaniello, we have reached the goal, a crown is prepared, and it is for thy brows. 'For mine? he replied, 'I desire none but the green wreath with which we honour Our Lady's festival in September.

Andrew, after waking with difficulty his grandfather, was told to go up and head them off. He sent the dog one way off in a flash, he never returned that night and himself went another. He was not seen again for two days. To be exact, he set out at midnight on Thursday the 12th April, and did not return to Dryhope until eleven o'clock of the morning of Saturday the 14th.

On 12th July 1828 we find him thus writing from Calcutta to Jabez: "I came down this morning to attend Lord W. Bentinck's first levée. It was numerously attended, and I had the pleasure of seeing there a great number of gentlemen who had formerly studied under me, and for whom I felt a very sincere regard. I hear Lady Bentinck is a pious woman, but have not yet seen her.

Anne was divorced on the 12th of July, 1540, and on the 28th of the same month, on the very day when Thomas Cromwell was beheaded, the King married Anne Boleyn's cousin, Catherine Howard. On the 8th of August she was proclaimed Queen, and on the 15th of that month she was publicly prayed for as such in all the churches of the realm. Well might she be!

The "Genius," delayed by head-winds, was a long time in making the comparatively short voyage between Greenland and Norway, and did not reach Christiansand until the 12th of July, nor Christiania until the morning of the 15th. That very morning Sylvius Hogg went aboard the vessel.