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When he is on active service, you will detect somewhere among his trappings the brown leather case of a serviceable army revolver. The reason of this outfit is a very simple one. The kaváss is answerable with his head for those he protects, neither more nor less.

Every single promise, the most unlikely for Him to lean upon and to plead, yet, be sure of it, He somehow made experiment upon them all, and made sure that there was sufficient and serviceable grace within and under every one of them. So that, Mr. Ready-to-halt, there is no possible staff you can take into your hand that has not already been in the hand of your Lord. Think of that, O Mr.

The prince de Soubise, who found this man serviceable upon many occasions, would have sacrificed any thing to promote his advancement; and I have been assured, that had the marechal taken half the pains on the day previous to the battle of Rasbach, we should not have left it so disgracefully.

Foreign Governments looked on with envy as the young Western Republic stretched her limbs and rose to gigantic proportions. The most important book on the bank question is R. C. H. Catterall's The Second Bank of the United States . The biographies referred to at the close of chapter IV of this volume are all serviceable in general till about 1840. II, give full narratives of the "war on the bank."

O'Driscol, like a man that knows the country, and can feel the pulse of the public officially I mean, of course, as a magistrate for it is now, and in times of such turbulence, that men I mean magistrates of your stamp will prove themselves serviceable to the government of the country, and to the country itself; intelligent and determined men I mean magistrates who know not what fear is, and who will do their duty at the risk of their lives."

In the first place, he could think of no possible way in which he could procure any serviceable hook; in the second place, even if he had a hook and line all ready and baited, he did not see how he would be able to cast it within reach of any fish. His boat would not float him even for the little distance that was required to get into the places where fish might be.

By this promise Malec was brought over to be so good a Mussulman that he had the command given him of all his countrymen who should at any time be converts, and was very serviceable against the Thakishites.

"This promises badly," said Brett to himself, but he betrayed not the slightest unwillingness to fall in with the arrangements made for his reception, and lounged back in a comfortable chair so easily that not even the quick-witted Turk suspected that the barrister's hip pocket contained a very serviceable revolver. Hussein-ul-Mulk commenced the conversation.

The name of my wife was embroidered within, upon the lining, and it thus became a serviceable link to the hellish cabal against her.

At each plantation they had seen all serviceable horses seized, and the rest of the stock, young or old, slaughtered, all provisions of use to the army made prize of, and the remainder, with the buildings that held it, put to the torch, and the young crops of wheat, corn, and tobacco, so far as time allowed, destroyed.