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Can it have better recommendations to ninety-nine hundredths of mankind? In 1840, when this tour was written, all the politicians of the earth were deciding, in their various coffee-houses, what all the monarchs were to do with the Eastern question.

All his friends remained silent; but he continued to be obdurate, and repeated in the most impudent manner, that he did not misrepresent my statements. I did know nothing until yesterday about his having misrepresented as early as 1840 my doctrine regarding Christ's coming and slandered and calumniated me already in that year.

It has been aptly said that a naval captain who fought the Invincible Armada would have been more at home in the typical war-ship of 1840, than the average captain of 1840 would have been in the advanced types of the American Civil War. The twenty years here chosen for comparison cover the middle period of the century which has but recently expired.

Every precaution was taken to evade capture, but as the information proved to be unfounded, the expedition was not interrupted by hostile cruisers, nor even by contrary winds, and long before it was expected the historic frigate sailed quietly into the harbour of Cherbourg at 5.0 a.m. on November 30, 1840. She had made the passage from St. Helena in forty-two days.

The stock of an Overlander is the capital which he has invested in a single speculation; and to give an idea of the amount of this I will show, at a moderate estimate, the value of a herd, the property of an Overlander who arrived in Adelaide in the month of March 1840 from the district of Illawarra, New South Wales.

But to work them profitably will require a little more common-sense than the good folks of St. Lucia have as yet shown. Bennett and Mr. Wood, set up sulphur works at the Souffriere of St. Lucia, and began prosperously enough, exporting 540 tons the first year. 'But in 1840, says Mr.

The Republican party was established under that name in 1856 and Lincoln was elected in 1860. Now, the work preparatory to Lincoln's election was not done in four years. The most difficult part of it the most arduous, the most disagreeable, the most dangerous had been done long before. Part of it dated back to 1840.

An orphanage at Imola is due to his munificence. There were no bounds to his liberality. At his own expense alone he repaired the tomb of St. Cassien, and decorated the Chapel of Our Lady of Dolours in the Church of the Servites. When raised to the dignity of Cardinal, by Pope Gregory XVI., in December, 1840, Archbishop Mastai was already universally popular.

As the first organized Women's Rights movement was inaugurated by the women who were refused seats in the world's Anti-Slavery convention held in London in 1840, although they had been the very pioneers in the organization of the American Abolitionists, so it is quite possible that an equally energetic attempt to abolish white slavery will bring many women into the Equal Suffrage movement, simply because they too will discover that without the use of the ballot they are unable to work effectively for the eradication of a social wrong.

The next decade, or that ending about 1840, however, offered a still greater instance of outlawry, one of the most famous ones indeed of American history, although little known to-day. This had to do with that genius in crime, John A. Murrell, long known as the great Western land-pirate; and surely no pirate of the seas was ever more enterprising or more dangerous.

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