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'If the Archbishop of Canterbury were to tell me Greek and Latin authors are bad for me, I should listen to his remarks, because he 's a scholar: he knows the languages and knows what they contain. Captain Welsh replied,

It was a vision that pleased him even better than that of the noble Lord Mutio di Costanzo, surrounded by his escort of cavaliers, golden-spurred, delivering the keys of the city of Nikosia. But he forgot to confide this last tantalizing, supremest vision to His Grace the Archbishop.

On the following day, 30th of June, Mayenne was dining with the Archbishop of Lyons, Peter d'Espinac; President Lemaitre was sent for, and the wrath of the lieutenant-general burst forth. "The insult put upon me is too palpable for me to be quiet under it; since I am played fast and loose with in that way, I have resolved to quash the decree of the Parliament.

Immediately after the usher announced his name, he crossed the chamber and presented his respects to the prelate, who, he reasoned not unwisely, expected him. The friendly greeting of the archbishop confirmed this reasoning. "I am delighted to see you, Monsieur," he said, showing his remarkably well preserved teeth in the smile that followed his words.

The last words can only bear one meaning; and that meaning obviously is that both the Primate and the Bishop of London regarded Moravian Episcopal Orders as valid. The next case tells a similar story. The case of Archbishop Wake. We have now to step over a period of thirty-three years.

He built the north-western tower. 13. Adam of Boothby , Abbot. 14. William Genge , first mitred Abbot. 15. Richard Ashton , Abbot. He began the new building. 16. Robert Kirton , Abbot. He finished the new building, and built the Deanery gateway. 17. John Towers , Bishop. Previously Dean . 18. Thomas White , Bishop. Nonjuror. 19. William Connor Magee , Bishop, afterwards Archbishop of York. 20.

But some Norman writers represent Harold as crowned by Stigand Archbishop of Canterbury. This was not, in the ideas of those times, a trifling question. A coronation was then not a mere pageant; it was the actual admission to the kingly office. Till his crowning and anointing, the claimant of the crown was like a bishop-elect before his consecration.

We lunched in clerical company that day, at the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol's, with the Archbishop of York, the Reverend Mr. Haweis, and others as guests. I told A that she was not sufficiently impressed with her position at the side of an archbishop; she was not crumbling bread in her nervous excitement.

On one occasion Faustus, having resolved to pass a jovial evening, took some of his old college-companions, and invited them to make free with the archbishop of Saltzburgh's cellar. They took a ladder, and scaled the wall. They seated themselves round, and placed a three-legged stool, with bottles and glasses in the middle.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope himself, levelled their excommunications against the perpetrators of this daring outrage in vain. The prison of their victim was at last discovered; he was released and brought home. But the lesson seems to have done good. The year 1332 saw a concordat arranged between the Abbey and Town.