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Miss Laura kept him up in the loft with the rabbits, where we could not go; and the boys ran him around the garden for exercise. She tried all kind of cures for him, and I heard her say that though it was a skin disease, his blood must be purified. She gave him some of the pills that she made out of sulphur and butter for Jim, and Billy, and me, to keep our coats silky and smooth.

"We cut a hole in the bark, and, when the yellow gum oozes out, we boil it down thick, till it is dark colored. Then we mix it with chalk and sulphur; and behold, afterwards we roll out your automobile tire," explained the wise Padre. "Could you pull the rubber tree out as high as the stars, and would it snap back again?" asked joking Moro. "Stop your joking," replied Fil's mother.

He stood motionless, breathless, without the courage to run away, rubbing lucifers against the damp wall in such anxiety that his hand trembled. He fancied he heard voices, and the sound of footsteps before him. The matches broke between his fingers; but he succeeded in striking one. The sulphur began to boil, to set fire to the wood, with a tardiness that increased his distress.

Admitting that these fifteen experiments were not perfectly successful, there can be no doubt it would ere long have been accomplished. The problem is, how to separate the sulphuric acid, or the sulphur, from these native stores. Hundreds of thousands of pounds weight of sulphuric acid were prepared from iron pyrites, while the high price of sulphur consequent upon the monopoly lasted.

But the corpses are now all piled up in the gatehouse that is in the outer court, and Ulysses has lit a great fire to purify the house with sulphur.

'If he did so and so, was the reply, 'he cannot be an honest man. Here was a genuine truism, truth upon truth, inference and proposition identical, or rather, a dictionary definition usurping the place of an inference." "We are ashamed at sight of a monkey, somehow as we are shy of poor relations." "C imagined a Caledonian compartment in Hades, where there should be fire without sulphur."

In Alabama and Sicily they are spending a lot of money to get sulphur; in Sudbury they're spending a lot of money to get rid of it. The thing is all wrong." "Have we any nickel mine, sir?" "No, but that's the small end of it. I want you to analyze this ore and see if you can devise a commercial process for the separation of nickel from sulphur and save both. If you can, I'll buy a mine.

During the day this smoke dispersed very generally over town, causing some coughing and sneezing, and not a little swearing and scoffing. Sulphur, mainly, the doctor and Druggist Gray pronounced the chemical to be.

From Dumfries we ran up and down nice scallopy hills, crossing the Annan at a place named Beattock, for Moffat, where there are sulphur wells a girl discovered two hundred years ago, and made the fortune of the town. Then there was a lovely road along Moffat Water, with a succession of wild green dells and hillsides cleft with fern-choked ravines.

Sulphuric acid is formed by the union of oxygen with sulphur dioxide and water; the oxides of nitrogen combine with the oxygen of the air present in the chambers, then give up this oxygen to the sulphur dioxide and water or steam to form sulphuric acid, again combine with more oxygen, and so on.

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