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I think they might have telephoned," she said, glancing up at the old French ormula clock on the mantelpiece. "Half-past four. We will wait a few minutes longer and then have tea." His heart gave a sudden thump. Was it possible but no! She would not stoop to anything like that. The little thrill of exultation departed as quickly as it came. "Tire trouble, perhaps," he ventured.

Some of the men set to work taking the wheel apart and fitting the spokes and getting the wheel ready to set the tire. Others had collected a couple of gunny-sacks full of the only fuel of the Platte Valley, viz., "buffalo-chips," and they soon had the job completed.

He felt a singular value and significance in this word, since. It showed that her thoughts had been running parallel with his own; it permitted, if it did not signify, that he should resume the mood of that time, where their parting had interrupted it. He enjoyed the fact to the utmost, but he was not sure that he wished to do what he was permitted. "Then I didn't tire you?" he merely asked.

"Miss Letitia," he said, "do you think you are wise to drive that racer of his the way you have been doing?" Aggie gave a little gasp and promptly sneezed, as she does when she is excited. "I?" said Tish. "You!" he smiled. "Not that I don't admire your courage. I do. But the other day, now, when you lost a tire and went into the ditch " "Tish!" from Aggie. " you were fortunate.

He was careful not to tire himself by sitting up too late at night over his books, and purchased his own candles, so that his master, who called him the "pillar of his house," might suffer no injury from his servant's improvement.

She seemed, in an innocent, frank way, to like to have him walking by her, and thought him very good to carry her basket, though, as she told him, he need not do it, it did not tire her in the least. "Nor does it tire me, pretty Agnes," said he, with an embarrassed laugh. "See what a great fellow I am, how strong! Look, I can bend an iron bar in my hands!

"Wife, away, or conform to my habits. I am no Curius, Numa, or Tatius. I like to have the hours of night prolonged in luscious cups. You drink water and are ever for hurrying from the table with a sombre mien; you like the dark, I like a lamp to witness my pleasures, and to tire my loins in the light of dawn. Drawers and night gowns and long robes cover you, but for me no girl can be too naked.

"Oh! is it the hip, Father?" cried Ruth, hurrying back and kneeling beside him. "No, of course it isn't! It's indignation!" said her father, calmly regarding her anxious face. "If you can't go up mountains like a human girl, you're not going up any more mountains with me." "Oh! I'll go like a human snail if you want, dear! I've been too selfish! It's a shame to tire you so!"

He recommended me one of his servants as a guide, a rough, sinister- looking man, who, instead of taking the usual zig-zag paths up the mountain, led me up in a bee line, and I rather suspected he intended to tire me out.

A reader or speaker should endeavor to acquire a perfect command of his voice; so as neither to stun his hearers by pitching it upon too high a key; nor tire their patience by obliging them to listen to sounds which are scarcely audible. It is not the loudest speaker, who is always the best understood; but he who pronounces upon that key which fills the space occupied by the audience.

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