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But suddenly a May-fly, a luscious gray-drake, richer and more delicate than canvas-back or woodcock, with a dart and a leap and a merry zigzag, began to enjoy a little game above the stream. Rising and falling like a gnat, thrilling her gauzy wings, and arching her elegant pellucid frame, every now and then she almost dipped her three long tapering whisks into the dimples of the water.

They usually mean so much that they can't begin to say it and as for sincerity, they're the sincerest people in the world!" "That is, while it lasts!" he added to himself, but his listener, who had stooped to the ground and was now holding up a particularly large and luscious mushroom, was all unconscious of his reservation. "Look out!

"It's queer Mr. Ringley never heard about the window," whispered his twin sister. "So it is. But it may come out yet," replied the brother. That evening the Bobbseys had their first strawberry shortcake of the season. It was a beautiful cake one of Dinah's best and the strawberries were large and luscious. "Want another piece," said Freddie, smacking his lips. "It's so good, mamma!"

What is more, the mountain land would probably have the quality of virgin soil. You remember, father, don't you, when peaches in this region were scarcely troubled by disease?" "Indeed I do. There was a time when they would live on almost like apple-trees, and give us an abundance of great luscious fruit year after year.

In twenty minutes they had the pelt removed from the bear and Dick generously insisted upon Bob taking it as the first-fruits of his inland hunt, saying: "Ye earned he wi' yer runnin'." The best of the meat was cut from the carcass, and that night thick, luscious steaks were broiled for supper, and the remainder packed for future use on the journey.

If she has sons her chances are better; but unless she maintains her influence over her husband till her offspring are old enough to find a lasting place in his affections, she will probably one day be despatched to Tafilált, beyond the Atlas by the Sáharah, whence come those luscious dates.

Possibly when William proved his great superiority as a camp cook, by making the batter, and cooking a luscious flap-jack long before any other fellow could accomplish the feat, his victory was the most popular one of the day. Fully five score of fellows made motions to prove they were starved, and that a bite from the airy pancake would possibly serve as a life saver.

All apples are good in this state, and your jaws are the cider-press. Others, which have more substance, are a sweet and luscious food, in my opinion of more worth than the pine-apples which are imported from the West Indies.

The thick mottled fingers tore nervously at the catch; eventually he got the bag open. Those about the table bent forward, all quickened by the prospect of for the first time beholding the treasure over which they had fought, for which they had suffered, so long.... A heady and luscious fragrance pervaded the atmosphere, exhaling from the open mouth of the bag.

A valley full of wheat and cherry-trees succeeded, and halting at a house, we bought ten-pound weight of luscious black cherries for something less than a rupee, and got a drink of icy-cold water for nothing, while the untended team browsed sagaciously by the road-side.

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