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Protestants could not hold Catholics as servants; soldiers were unjustly quartered upon them; their taxes were multiplied, their petitions were unread. But in 1685 dragonnades subjected them to still greater cruelties; who tore up their linen for camp beds, and emptied their mattresses for litters. The poor, unoffending Protestants filled the prisons, and dyed the scaffolds with their blood.

Taking a crowbar, about seven feet long, they drove it into the earth until there was little more than two feet of it remaining above ground. Just as this was finished, a shell pitched and burst barely twenty yards from them, and the whole party narrowly escaped death. The explosion tore up the ground until it looked as if a plough had recently passed over it.

He must hold it, though it burned like fire; he must clutch it to his bosom, though it tore at his heart-strings. "Sometimes," he said, "I fail and have to give up; and then I have nothing but a memory without words or perhaps a few broken phrases that seem mere nonsense. Then I am like a man who has seen some loved one drowned or burned to death before his eyes.

He tore loose from his master and rushed at Nugget, who had meanwhile crawled out from the fallen canvas, and was standing with open mouth and eyes, listening eagerly to the conversation. "Here, Bowser," shouted the farmer sternly. "Come here, I say." The brute reluctantly obeyed, while Nugget sought shelter in a young tree.

And the tale does not need to be repeated of how Germany, one of the Powers which had sworn to preserve the sanctity of Belgium, which had, indeed, signed a declaration to that effect and sealed it in the sight of others, now tore up that sacred treaty, and hurled her legions into Belgium.

It was to undergo extensive repairs after its perilous adventure on the bottom of the sea. "And now I have a surprise for you," smiled "Little Mack," as he took from his inner pocket an official-looking envelope and handed it to Jack. The latter took the proffered envelope and tore it open. What he read therein was enough to make any ambitious young American submarine sailor open his eyes.

Then he ran half a mile to a place where he was able to climb down, and tore back again along the shore till he reached the cut, and then jumped in and swam to me. There was no getting out on either side, so he swam with me to the end of the cut and landed me there.

He will like to have it now. "Thus, as you see, the Word has not returned unto you void. It brings you the only reparation I can make. Helen tore open the sealed envelope, and found her little pencil note, the tender outpouring to Ronnie, written three days after her baby's birth. So Ronnie never saw it he never knew!

There was Tom Willoughby, the captain's brother, member for the Dominion House, who tore himself away from Ottawa, every one felt, at great risk to his country's weal, leaving the question of war in South Africa and reciprocity with Australia in abeyance, while he rushed across the country to do honour to the old home town.

I shall just have time to eat something not that I am specially hungry and then start for school." "There's a letter on your plate. Why don't you read it?" "I know; it's from Aunt Charlotte." "Well, well, and you are interested in Aunt Charlotte more than I am," said Carrie. "Do read your letter." Elma somewhat languidly tore open the envelope.