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I don't want any kids out to the house Friday night," said Carrie. "Do you mean to say you haven't asked Aggie and Ruth?" gasped Pearl. "Not yet." "Why not?" demanded Lucy, bluntly. "Why I don't know them very well," said Carrie, hastily. "But I do want that Neale O'Neil. So few boys know how to act at a party. And I wager he dances."

But it was such a ghastly business altogether that I thought I'd better hold my tongue, especially as I was afraid it might filter through him to to somebody else somebody who couldn't be told a beastly secret like that." Mr. Wedmore nodded. "And this girl this Carrie?" said he. Dudley's face lighted up.

The progress of the train was having a great deal to do with the solution of this difficult situation. The speeding wheels and disappearing country put Chicago farther and farther behind. Carrie could feel that she was being borne a long distance off that the engine was making an almost through run to some distant city.

The rendition ran on in this wise until it came to where Carrie, as Laura, comes into the room to explain to Ray, who, after hearing Pearl's statement about her birth, had written the letter repudiating her, which, however, he did not deliver. Bamberger was just concluding the words of Ray, "I must go before she returns. Her step!

Carrie, who was sitting beside Dudley, and opposite to Max, hesitated a little before answering: "What else could we do? We couldn't leave him there at the wharf, could we? And where else could we have taken him? Not back to his chambers, certainly!"

He was, for the order of intellect represented, attractive, and whatever he had to recommend him, you may be sure was not lost upon Carrie, in this, her first glance. Lest this order of individual should permanently pass, let me put down some of the most striking characteristics of his most successful manner and method.

She stamped her foot, and bore down upon Carrie with a torrent of reasons why Miss Rowe should be held at a distance. "You wouldn't find Theodosia behaving in such a manner. She understands what's becoming. I dare say she's not so clever as you are " "Dear mamma, this is cruel " "Don't interrupt me. No, no; I see through most things. This Miss Howe is always reading.

Louise and Lora were both married; the former to a resident of another State, who had taken her to his distant home; the latter to Edward Howard, an older brother of Elsie's friend Carrie. They had not left the neighborhood, but were residing with his parents.

Miss Carrie, whose attention had wandered a little, here suddenly observing, stopped her, saying her gestures were stiff and meaningless. She said they looked like straight lines cut in the air. Emmy Lou, anxious to prove her efforts to be conscientious, explained that they were straight lines, it was a square.

"Certainly," cried Lola. They went to look at it. Carrie had saved ten dollars from her expenditures enough for this and her board beside. Her enlarged salary would not begin for ten days yet would not reach her for seventeen. She paid half of the six dollars with her friend. "Now, I've just enough to get on to the end of the week," she confided. "Oh, I've got some," said Lola.

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