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They kind of mixed me up with someone else. Let me go." "Right," said Richard, and put his hand into his pocket and brought out a fistful of coins. "Take this. Good luck." She snatched it, and with no further look at any of the company, ran out by the French window. They stood looking down on Roger. Death revealed no significance in him.

The cynic might genially observe that it is not difficult to retire from evil-doing and cultivate lofty principles when your fortune has been made, but it is important to realise this change and understand its significance. There is, no doubt, a sound human element in the cynic's observation. It is easier to recognise moral principle when the period of temptation is over.

Mexico, where we have extensive smelting, oil, rubber, mining and agricultural investments, is so close at hand that it scarcely seems like a foreign country. Strangely enough our capital there has suffered more than in any other part of the globe. The spectacle of American pioneering in the Congo therefore takes on a peculiar significance.

To follow Tristan, one need not know more than the few fragments I have quoted above; in fact, without any knowledge whatever it can be followed. The themes have no arbitrary significance attached to them; they are expressive music and tell their own tale.

Throughout the day the villages around Cabul had evinced a rancorous hostility which had a marked significance. Not less significant was the participation in the fighting of the day on the part of the population of Cabul.

And Jesus increases the significance of people for each other. He possessed and conveys the genius for appreciation. He came that life might become more abundant, and every human relation deeper, tenderer, richer. It is to love that death is intolerable.

He was silent for a moment as if weighing the exact meaning of her words and their significance; then gravely he replied: "I'm not sure that I could keep such a promise. I'll agree though to try " She shook her head. "No, dear that won't do. How many times already have you agreed to try and how many times have you failed? You can stop if you wish. You are not a weakling.

The significance of the mountain ash is "Grandeur." The whole scene was the portrayal, in the beautiful language of art, of a worldly, ambitious marriage, where the man seeks mere beauty, and the woman wealth and position, love having no existence.

'She knew I called yesterday; I left my name. She has gone to avoid me. 'That may be. But all her preparations were evidently made. 'But it may not be true. The girl of course would say whatever she was bidden to. I don't believe that she has really gone. 'I do, said Mrs. Baxendale, with quiet significance. 'On what grounds? You know more than you will tell me.

"Impossible," said Miss Custer, glancing around at the cleanness of everything with flattering significance, and seated herself in a low splint-bottomed chair. "To be sure, Peggy scrubbed this morning," said Aunt Ruby with a feeling of satisfaction, "but one can't ever be very sure about a kitchen-floor."