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Often he went over to make his purchases personally. A little select connection of amateurs was forming around the shop in Brett Street, a secret connection eminently proper for any business undertaken by Mr Verloc, who, by a mystic accord of temperament and necessity, had been set apart to be a secret agent all his life.

"Lady Susan says he plays a lot in her nephew's set that's the Brett Forrester Tony sometimes speaks of as such a fine bridge player." "I've heard of Forrester from other people," observed Robin. "He's got the reputation of being one of the most dare-devil gamblers in London in every shape and form. Cards, horses, roulette anything you like as long as it's got the element of chance in it."

I can only say that I leave this world without a stain on my conscience that I have been wilfully guilty of anything in connexion with the death of Sergeant Brett. I am totally guiltless. I leave this world without malice to anyone. I do not accuse the jury, but I believe they were prejudiced.

"You forget that your expenses will be paid out of the estate," said Brian, "in the long run. Did not Brett offer to advance you funds if you wanted them?" "Yes, and I declined them. I had enough from Father Christoforo," answered Dino, rather faintly. "I did not like to run the risk of spending what I might not be able to repay."

"A man like me in evening dress! Who on earth could he be?" was Hume's natural exclamation. "We must test this chap's story," said Brett. "How?" "Easily enough. There is a garden outside. Can you bring this human bunny here to-night?" "I think so." "Very well. Stage him about nine o'clock. Anything else?" Mr. Winter pondered a little while; then he addressed Hume hesitatingly: "Does Mr.

The bushes parted and Charley Brett stepped out. "Put that thing away!" he snarled. "What's that for?" "After I got your message to meet you out here, I didn't know what was up, so I brought this along just in case," Quent replied. "What's so secret that you couldn't come to the spaceport?" "I've got the stuff for Kit Barnard's reactor." "What stuff?" "This."

There was little conversation, each man thinking bitterly of Charles Brett and Quent Miles. Walters had already foreseen the possibility of trouble with emotional miners and had ordered Blake to be personally responsible for the safety of Miles and Brett when they were arrested. "They get a fair trial like anyone else," declared Walters. "And they are innocent until proven guilty by a jury."

"Please do not take the blame of my intrusion, Mr. Brett," said Margaret, with forced composure. "You will stay for luncheon, will you not? And you, Davie? Are you at Mrs. Eastham's?" Her concluding question was eager, almost wistful. Her cousin answered it first. "No," he said. "We have driven over from Stowmarket." "And, unfortunately," put in the barrister, "we are pledged to visit Mrs.

They had gone then along the three sides of Brett Place, and were near the end of Brett Street again. “How did you first come to hear of it?” he asked in a tone he tried to render appropriate to the character of the revelations which had been made to him by the woman at his side. She shook violently for a while before she answered in a listless voice. “From the police.

"But I shall come back. You'll marry me, Ann I swear it!" Vaguely she heard him go the closing of the door behind him, and, a minute later, the sound of the latch of the gate falling into its socket. Came the trampling of a restive horse on the road outside, followed by the rhythmic beat of cantering hoofs. Then silence. How long she remained where Brett had left her she never knew.

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