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Berrington continued, throwing off another ripple of derision. 'And now perhaps, as the carriage is waiting, you will let me go about my duties. Laura turned again and stopped her, holding her arm as she passed toward the door. 'Will you swear will you swear by everything that is most sacred? 'Will I swear what? And now she thought Selina visibly blanched.

At these words he went out, after my vainly attempting to stop him, by throwing myself at his feet. He shook me off, though he seemed greatly moved too, and took Will away with him, who, I dare swear, thought himself very cheaply off. I was now once more a-drift, and left upon my own hands, by a gentleman whom I certainly did not deserve.

"There is, I am certain," he continued in the same calm, slow voice, "there is within this envelope some lie, some plot. I will not even know what it is. I will not ask you a single question, and I will throw these letters, unread, into the fire; but swear to me, that, whatever this Menko, or any other, may write to me, whatever any one may say, is an infamy and a calumny. Swear that, Marsa."

I don't suppose that you have addressed this rebuke to me solely for the purpose of telling me that you are in love with my wife!" Pierre disregarded what was insulting in the Prince's answer, and calming himself, by force of will, replied: "I desire, since you ask me, that you forget the folly and error of a moment, and that you swear to me on your honor never to see Madame Cayrol again."

"A moment ago you said something.... You said that the mere presence of a thief would overwhelm you with disgust. Is that true?" "Yes, I swear it is," cried Sonia. Guerchard appeared in the doorway. "And if I were not the man you believe?" said Lupin sombrely. "What?" said Sonia; and a faint bewilderment mingled with her grief. "If I were not the Duke of Charmerace?" "Not the Duke?"

We're no nearer the inlet now than we were then, I swear!" That was a peculiarity about Paul. He was addicted to laying the faults of even inanimate objects to the charge of other people; and as for himself personally, he was never in the wrong!

'If it is your intention, said the magistrate, 'to confess the crime with which you stand charged, you may, upon producing sufficient evidence, criminate whom you please. 'Evidence! I have no evidence but myself, said the woman. 'I will swear it all write down my testimony write it down, I say we shall hang side by side, my brave lord all your own handy-work, my gentle husband.

"Do you love me? will you love me always always?" And he answered hoarsely, "Yes always I swear it, Janet." He had found her lips again, he was pulling her toward a door on the far side of the room, and suddenly, as he opened it, her resistance ceased....

Then she added coyly, "I don't know whether you can keep a secret do you tell everything you hear?" "Never tell anything." "How do I know?" "I'll swear it." In proof he held up one hand and closed both eyes in mock reverence as if he were taking an oath. He was getting more interested now in her talk; up to this time her beauty had dazzled him. "Never! So help me " he mumbled impressively.

I don't say as he did, and I don't say as he didn't; but I will say this, and swear to it: them Maria Louisas on the wall has got eyes in their heads, and stalks as does for tails, but I never see one yet as had legs." "Nor I neither, David," said Tom, laughing. "No, sir; but all the same they walked over the wall and out into the lane somehow. So did lots of the ribstons and my king pippins.