'Don't be anxious, said the old man, throwing the stalks back into the basket; 'just go on and carry the basket to the castle, and it will bring you luck. Ciccu did not much like it; however he went on his way, and with a trembling heart rang the castle bell. 'Here are some lovely figs for the king, said he, 'if his majesty will graciously accept them with my humble duty.

Every part of this plant is useful; the leaves and stalks are eaten by the horses, and the roots are ground into a pulp, which, when pressed dry and baked, forms the farinha, the principal article of sustenance in the Brazils. It is a curious, though well-known fact, that the juice of this most nutritious plant is highly poisonous.

"When they were about seven years old, to the best of my recollection they would go to the field. Seven or eight. They would pick up corn stalks and brush. And from that on when they were about eight or nine, they would pick cotton. "My mother never did have to do anything round the farm. She lived about seventy-five miles from it, there where the master had his office. He was a lawyer.

The manioc plant shoots out stalks from four to six feet in height, with a number of large leaves at their upper extremities. The valuable portion of the plant is its bulbous root, which often weighs two or three pounds, and supplies the place of corn all through the Brazils.

We are warned that the following species are "difficult of extrication," either confluent or mixed by intercrossing. H. doronicoides. I place this the third in merit among perennial sunflowers, H. rigidus and H. multiflorus being first and second. It is 6 feet or 7 feet high, upright in growth, with many stalks.

The stalks of the bennets vary, some green, some yellowish, some brown, some approaching whiteness, according to age and the condition of the sap. Their tops, too, are never the same, whether the pollen clings to the surface or whether it has gone. Here the green is almost lost in red, or quite; here the grass has a soft, velvety look; yonder it is hard and wiry, and again graceful and drooping.

The camel would not turn out for a king. He stalks serenely along, bringing his cushioned stilts forward with the long, regular swing of a pendulum, and whatever is in the way must get out of the way peaceably, or be wiped out forcibly by the bulky sacks. It was a tiresome ride to us, and perfectly exhausting to the horses.

Coon turned out of the lane and crawled through the fence, Fatty squeezed between the rails very nimbly, for him. "Here we are!" said his mother. Fatty looked about him. They stood in a field grown high with tall stalks of some sort, which turned to green, ribbon-like leaves half way up from the ground. Fatty grunted. He was very impolite, you see.

Sap-green, shaded with indigo and French berries; the stalk brown. Honeysuckles. Inside of the petals, white shaded with sap-green, or gamboge and bistre. The insides are to be shown by curling the leaves back at the ends, or by splitting them. The outsides, a thin wash of carmine and lake mixed, shaded with carmine indigo for the darkest shades. Stalks. Sap-green and carmine. Leaves.

Their light seemed caught and held in aerial gulfs above the earth, making the heavens clear, while the night clung close and undisturbed to the plain's face. Once from afar the cry of an animal arose, a long, swelling howl, but around the train all was still save for the crackling of the crushed sage stalks, and the pad of hoofs. It was near midnight when Susan's voice summoned Daddy John.