"Don't leave it about," said the Squire. "Better leave it there," said Dick, and offered his arm to his mother again. They went into the dining-room, only a minute late. "Tell Higgs to pack me a bag for two nights," said Dick when the Squire had mumbled a grace, "and order my cart for ten o'clock. I'm going up to London. I shan't want anybody."

Napper's interest with the Earl of Bolingbroke, Lord Wentworth, after Earl of Cleveland, he still continued his practice, the said Earl not permitting any Justice of Peace to vex him. This man had only two books, Guido and Haly bound together; he had so mumbled and tumbled the leaves of both, that half one side of every leaf was torn even to the middle.

The father, who had somewhat the look of an old fox, limped forward with a less ungraceful bow than the son, who had more of the wolf. Some greeting was mumbled, and the old man would have taken her hand to lead her to the highest place at table, but she would not give it.

She was down beside him on her knees, shaking him with desperate hands. "Arthur! Arthur! What are you saying?" "Nothin' nothin'!" he stammered, staring up into her face, suddenly afraid of her. "Nothin', I I was only thinkin' I " "What did you mean?" she cried, her grasp tightening. "Tell me what you meant tell me, tell me!" "Nothin'," he mumbled, trying to break her hold.

"I've been trying to tell you all there is in it," he went on slowly, as if meditating something unanswerable. "But after all, it is my trouble." I opened my mouth to retort, and discovered suddenly that I'd lost all confidence in myself; and it was as if he too had given me up, for he mumbled like a man thinking half aloud.

"Pig-metal," mumbled the reporter, "um! coal facilities, um! hands employed, twelve hundred, bitumen, um! all right, I believe, Mr. Clarke; sinking-fund, what did you say was your sinking-fund?" "Twelve hundred hands?" said the stranger, the young man who had first spoken. "Do you control their votes, Kirby?" "Control? No." The young man smiled complacently.

Once more he had exasperatingly proved his perfection. He had not gone to bed and forgotten a window. But he had risen with exemplary earliness to give air to the house. "'d mornin', miss," mumbled the unsmiling Aguilar, impassively, as though Audrey had never been away from Moze. "Well, Aguilar." "I didn't expect ye so early, miss." "But how could you be expecting me at all?"

Terry sank into her chair, clasped her gauntleted hands about a pair of plump knees which drew Blenham's gaze approvingly, and set her white teeth to nibbling impatiently at her under lip as though setting a command upon it for silence. "Let's have it, Dad." "That's sensible," mumbled Temple. "You always were a smart girl, Teresa, when you cared to be. Let's see; where had I got?

Doris had hinted to Pete that some friend asked after him daily. So The Spider had come to El Paso to find out if the money had been delivered risking his life for the sake of a few thousand dollars! Pete turned and glanced at the other cot. The doctor was bending over The Spider, who mumbled incoherently.

"Hush! there it goes again. It's by the church." "What a dreadful cry!" They ran at full speed towards the place whence it seemed to come, but found only solitude, darkness, and silence. They looked in every direction. "I can't see a living soul," said Jeannin, "and I very much fear that the poor devil who gave that yell has mumbled his last prayer."