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It has gone the way of most fairs, even in France, where these delight- ful exhibitions hold their own much better than might be supposed. It is still held in the month of July; but the bourgeoises of Tarascon send to the Magasin du Louvre for their smart dresses, and the principal glory of the scene is its long tradition.

Heaven forbid, not I, I have not met with that Wonder in all my Travels. L. Ful. How, Sir, not an honest Woman? Bea. Enter Gayman richly drest. Gay. This Love's a damn'd bewitching thing Now though I should lose my Assignation with my Devil, I cannot hold from seeing Julia to night: hah there, and with a Fop at her Feet. L. Ful. Oh, Sir, you're welcome from Northamptonshire. Gay. L. Ful.

Well, Sir, remember you have promised to grant me my diabolical Request, in shewing me the Devil Gay. I will not fail you, Sir. L. Ful. Madam, your Servant; I hope you'll see no more Ghosts, Sir Feeble. Sir Feeb. Enter Diana, puts on her Hood and Scarf. Dia. So they are gone to Bed; and now for Bredwel the Coach waits, and I'll take this opportunity.

I was seasoned to that kind of poetry in my early days by the verses of Tate and Brady, which I used to hear "entuned in the nose ful swetely," accompanied by vigorous rasping of a huge bass-viol. No wonder that Scotland welcomed the song of Burns! On our second visit to Oxford we were to be the guests of the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Dr. Jowett.

The bronzed warriors liked to look at her, and even permitted her to utter a word of advice or warning during their discussions, for she was a wise woman, not one of the ordinary stamp. Her blue eyes sparkled with intelligence and mirth, her full lips seemed formed for quick, gay repartee, she was always kind and cheer ful in her manner even to the most insignificant.

They had capital, but the poor wife was worn out and ill, and after taking them in for a night, Fulbert liked them. Field was an educated man and a gentleman, and Ful offered them to stay there in partnership. So they stayed, and by and by this child was born, and the poor mother died.

Both Uncle Andrew and Aunt Mollie followed the visitor to the front door, and wished her "All de luck in de world. An thank you for comin'. An come see us agin, nudder time." INTERVIEW ANDY ODELL 1313 Pearl Street Nashville, Tennessee "I wuz bawn east ob Spring Hill, Tennessee. I dunno in w'at y'ar, but I wuz a ful' grown man w'en I wuz freed. I wuz an onlies' chile en I nebber knowed mah daddy.

Give him a trial. The cordial thanks of the Hosannah office are due, from editor down to devil, to the ever courteous and thought- ful Lord High Stew d of the Palace's Third Assistant V t for several sau- ceTs of ice crEam a quality calculated to make the ey of the recipients hu- mid with grt ude; and it done it.

Far to the left lines of poplars showed where the irrigating canals below Ellensburg watered the plain, and on the right the dunes and bluffs of the unseen Columbia broke the horizon. But the girl was watching Tisdale's management of the horses. "What beauties!" she exclaimed. "And Nip and Tuck!" Her lips rippled merriment. "How well named. Wait, be care ful they are going to take that ho-le.

Last Night when I with all Love's Rhetorick pleaded, And Heaven knows what last Night might have produced, You were engag'd! Gay. Not love you! Why do I waste my Youth in vain pursuit, Neglecting Interest, and despising Power? Unheeding and despising other Beauties. Why at your feet are all my Fortunes laid, And why does all my Fate depend on you? L. Ful.