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"Now yo' know that way down in Ol' Virginny where Ah done come from, mah fam'ly done got the habit of sitting on the tops of chimneys in the wintertime to warm their toes." "Why, I thought it was warm down south!" interrupted Peter Rabbit. "So it is, Brer Rabbit! So it is!" Ol' Mistah Buzzard hastened to say.

The Texan quickly told his sentinels. "I'm ridin' out to see what it is," he said. "Keep a close watch while I'm gone. I'm on a little scoutin' pahty of mah own. It might be that Quiroz has followed me which I doubt. And it might be The Terror!" Mounting Blizzard, he was quickly swallowed up in the darkness. Kid Wolf knew that the camp fire was many miles away.

We all worked hard an' when supper wuz ovah I wuz too tired to do anything but go to bed. It wuz jus work, eat an sleep foh most of us, dere wuz no time foh play. Some of em tried to sing or tell stories or pray but dey soon went to bed. Sometimes I heard some of de stories about hants and speerits an devils that skeered me so I ran to bed an' covered mah head.

"I'll come, too," said Mrs. Bobbsey. And Nan and Bert thought they had better follow. They could hear Flossie crying, while Dinah was saying: "Oh, mah po' li'l honey lamb! Freddie Bobbsey, look whut you gone an' done!" And Freddie kept saying: "I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to! I didn't know it was going to come down!" "I wonder what it was that came down," thought Mrs.

"You better stay right where you are, and I'll go tell old Mrs. Possum where you are." "Thank yo'! Thank yo'! That is very kind of yo', Brer Squirrel. That will be a great help, fo' it will lift a great load off mah mind," said Unc' Billy. "Don't mention it, Unc' Billy!" replied Happy Jack and started off with the message to old Mrs.

Ah suppose, if we could have slavery back in the fawm mah fathaw thinks it could have been brought up to, when the commercial spirit wouldn't let it alone, it would be the best thing; but we can't have it back, and Ah tell him we had better have the commercial spirit as the next best thing."

Don't you know me?" "Mr. Damon!" cried Tom, a look of pleasure coming over his face. "Mr. Damon is coming!" "So I should judge," responded Mr. Swift, with a smile. "I wonder why Eradicate didn't recognize him?" They learned why a moment later, for on looking from the library window, Tom saw the colored man coming up the walk behind a well-dressed gentleman. "Why, mah goodness! It's Mr.

"No indeed, boss," replied the blackamore, whistling "Mah Tiger Lily," as he departed. The Moslem provided Mr.

Ah want yo’ to take off all yo’ clothes ’cept yo’ undahclothes, an’ den Ah’ll let down a string fo’ yo’ to tie ’em to,” declared the mulatto, grinning. “Yo’ needn’t try ter slip yo’ wallet, nor nuffin’ outer mah sight, cause Ah’ll be watchin’. Now, git a hurry on, Marse Benson, or Ah’ll done push dem dawgs ober de aidge ob dis flooring.” Jack hesitated only a moment.

Oh mah gracious! I done guess you'd bettah not!" "Oh, please, Dinah! It's easy. You can help me." Dinah gave in, as she usually did, and got out some sugar, some water and a saucepan for the little girl. Dinah knew Flossie was too little to be trusted alone around the stove, so she stood near herself. "Let me pour in the water," begged Flossie, and she was allowed to do this.

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