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Mammy was standing by on the defensive, fearful lest she was about to lose her little charge. "Doan let him take her, Mistah Dane," she cried. "I can't spare Babby. Drive him out ob de house." Pete at once straightened himself up to his full height, and smiled as he looked upon the agitated woman. "Injun no tak' babby," he said. "Injun no cabin. Babby no mamma." "Bress de Lo'd fo' His goodness!"

The high sounding name of the negro was often contracted to Buck by the Hilltop boys, as in the present instance, but he was used to both, and answered as readily to one as to the other, now saying with a broad grin: "Dat am a mistake, Mistah Harry. De worser yo' feel, de mo' yo' should put in yo' stomach, dat is to say when yo' get good nourishmental food like dis yer.

By and by Unc' Billy looked up in the sky where Ol' Mistah Buzzard was sailing 'round and 'round. Then Unc' Billy hopped up mighty spry. "Ah reckon Unc' Billy 'lows he'll make me a visit," said Ol' Mistah Buzzard with a chuckle, as he slid down, down out of the sky to the tall dead tree in the Green Forest, which is his favorite roosting-place.

"Ah'm so as to be up and about, thank yo'," replied Ol' Mistah Buzzard, spreading his wings out so that air could blow under them. "My!" exclaimed old Granny Fox, "what splendid great wings you have, Mistah Buzzard! It must be grand to be able to fly. I suppose you can see a great deal from way up there in the blue, blue sky, Mistah Buzzard." Ol' Mistah Buzzard felt flattered.

Eradicate Sampson did odd jobs in the neighborhood of Shopton, and more than once Tom had done him favors in repairing his lawn mower or his wood-sawing machine. In turn Eradicate had given Tom a valuable clue as to the hiding place of the model thieves. "How'd the log get across the road, Rad?" asked Tom. "I dunno, Mistah Swift.

And just as Stephen passed him, this man was overtaken by an old negress, with tears streaming down her face, who seized the threadbare hem of his coat. Stephen paused involuntarily. "Well, Nancy," said the little man, "we had marvellous luck. I was able to buy your daughter for you with less than the amount of your savings." "T'ank you, Mistah Cantah," wailed the poor woman, "t'ank you, suh.

This time he slept soundly. At seven o'clock the porter called him, according to orders. The train was standing still. "Merry Christmas, Mistah Holiday, sah!" grinned the porter. "Seven o'clock, sah!" "Merry Christmas," said Mr. Holiday. "Why are we stopping?" "We's snowed in," grinned the porter. "Snowed in!" exclaimed Mr. Holiday. "Where?" "'Tween Albany and Buffalo, sah.

Cert'nly," replied Ol' Mistah Buzzard. "Is Buzzard really your fam'ly name?" asked Unc' Billy. "No, Brer Possum, it isn't," replied Ol' Mistah Buzzard. Everybody looked surprised. You see, no one ever had heard him called anything but Buzzard. But no one said anything, and after a minute or two Ol' Mistah Buzzard explained. "Mah fam'ly name is Vulture," said he.

Before I could recover my wits enough to address him, I heard a voice from within the house, a soft, drawling voice, with a marked foreign accent clinging to it. "Sam," it called, "have you found either of the scoundrelly rascals?" The darkey started as if shot, and glanced nervously back over his shoulder. "No, sah," he replied with vigor, "dat Mistah Hawkins am not yere, sah.

You see, he loves the sunny south-land so much, and all who live there love him so much, that if it hadn't been for Unc' Billy Possum and Ol' Mistah Buzzard he never, never would have thought of leaving, even for a little while. Unc' Billy and Ol' Mistah Buzzard are particular friends of his, very particular friends, and he felt that he just had to come up for a little visit.