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Those few lines in Sampson Wilmot's letter suggested a motive. The young lawyer dropped into a chair, and sat for some minutes silently poring over the clerk's letter. He did not like Henry Dunbar. His generous young heart, which had yearned towards Laura's father, had sunk in his breast with a dull, chill feeling of disappointment, at his first meeting with the rich man.

Nurse Sampson wondered thus, as she settled Miss Henderson in her armchair before the window, and they saw Roger Armstrong and Faith Gartney walk up the field together in the sunset light. "I suppose it wouldn't take much of a jog to do it. But, maybe, it's as well to leave it to the Lord's sunshine. He'll ripen it, if He sees fit." "It's a pretty picture, anyhow.

It is because their names are Jotham, or Adoniram, or Jehiel, or Asher, or some of those names, and so they say "he," for short. But there was no short for me. So I may as well come to it. "His" name was America, America Sampson. It is four years and a half since I knew this for a fact, yet my surprise is not lessened.

"Oh, well," he returned, "that is because thus far it has happened that my personal interests and my convictions have worked together so well. You might see a difference if they didn't pull in the same line." Mrs. Sampson considered a moment, and then rose, bringing out a decanter of sherry with a supply of glasses and of biscuit from a convenient closet in the bottom of a secretary.

He keeps sneerin' at her relijjin, and that puts her in such a rage, she threatens 't' intercede for him at the throne." "Jargon," sighed Mrs. Dodd, and just shrugged her lovely shoulders. "We breathe it we float in an atmosphere of it. My love?" And she floated out of the room, and Julia floated after. Sampson sat meditating on the gullibility of man in matters medical.

This feeling was accentuated by a letter which she had that morning received from her mother, in which Mis' Molly spoke very highly of Wain, and plainly expressed the hope that her daughter might like him so well that she would prefer to remain in Sampson County. Plato, bright-eyed and alert, was waiting in the school-yard until the teacher should be ready to start.

Sampson said to-night about somebody whose mind had no perspective in it? that his shoe-ribbon was as prominent and important as his soul? Don't go and be a goosey, Del, and have no perspective, will you?" And Laura leaned over and kissed my forehead, all corrugated with my pet grief. "Well, Laura, what can be worse?

Raphael's confusion increased. "I I didn't want it myself," he faltered. "You see, it was paid me just for form, and you really did the work. Which reminds me I have a cheque of yours now," he ended boldly. "That'll make it right for the coming month, anyhow." He hunted out Goldsmith's final cheque, and tendered it sheepishly. "Oh no, I can't take it now," said little Sampson.

"We're off for the West and Phantom Mountain!" called Tom to his companions. As the airship soared upward, Eradicate Sampson ran forward from where he had been standing near his mule Boomerang. He waved his hands, and shouted something. "Bless my hatband! What does he want?" asked Mr. Damon, watching him curiously. "It sounds as if he were calling to us to come back," spoke Mr. Parker.

"I've got my gun." "Don't fire on them, Andy," responded young Sampson, remembering the professor's warning. "We don't know who they are or what they mean by their actions." "We don't want to be shot down without making any fight; do we?" cried Andy. "Let us escape without a fight if possible," urged the cautious youth, feeling sure that Professor Henderson would approve of this advice.

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