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"We'll lose weight all along the road," he conceded. "But it can't be helped. And a couple of day's rest and lots of feed and water in San Juan before Doan shows up will put back a part of the lost weight." He had made allowances for a hard drive. Nevertheless the actuality was a sterner matter than he had foreseen. All along the way the feed was scant.

Jim put the quarter under the hair-ball, and got down and listened again. This time he said the hair-ball was all right. He said it would tell my whole fortune if I wanted it to. I says, go on. So the hair-ball talked to Jim, and Jim told it to me. He says: "Yo' ole father doan' know yit what he's a-gwyne to do. Sometimes he spec he'll go 'way, en den agin he spec he'll stay.

Snake take 'n bite Jim's chin off, den WHAH is de glory? No, sah, I doan' want no sich doin's." "Blame it, can't you TRY? I only WANT you to try you needn't keep it up if it don't work." "But de trouble all DONE ef de snake bite me while I's a tryin' him.

But I kept at him; so at last he says: "Doan' you 'member de house dat was float'n down de river, en dey wuz a man in dah, kivered up, en I went in en unkivered him and didn' let you come in? Well, den, you kin git yo' money when you wants it, kase dat wuz him."

"Git away from heh, yoh white trash," he commanded. "We doan want no beggars 'round heh!" Watson was about to flare up angrily, at the impudent tone of this order, but when he thought of the wretched appearance which he and George presented he was not surprised at the coolness of their reception. For not only were their clothes remarkable to look upon, but they were without hats.

He had kept his appointment bringing his herds over a hard trail, and Doan with nothing to do but travel luxuriously, had failed him. But it was not until the stage came in Wednesday morning and again brought no Doan and no word of Doan that Steve telephoned a message to the nearest Western Union office at Bidwell demanding to know what the trouble was.

"Sometimes he jus bop em crosst de ear wid a battlin stick." "A what?" "Battlin stick, like dis. You doan know what a battlin stick is? Well, dis here is one. Use it for washin clothes. You lift em outa de wash pot wid de battlin stick; den you lay em on de battlin block, dis here stump. Den you beat de dirt out wid de battlin stick." "A stick like that would knock a horse down!"

"Nuffin peahs to agree wid him, Sah, but he doan' cry, and he speaks his mind, Sah; he speaks his mind."

I see you doan want ter be a free gyurl. I'se tell Marse Scoville you no 'count niggah." "W'at you want anyhow, imperdence?" "I wants sup'n ter eat. Does you 'spects I kin ride all night en all day ter brung you freedom, en den not eben git a good word? You ain' fit fer freedom. I'se tell some nachel-bawn fool ter gib you a yaller rib'on en den dere be two ob you."

"Foh de Lord, sah, I doan dar go in, an' yar know marse neber drink no spirits till de day's work dun." "Make a dish of tea, then, you old coward, and I'll take it to him so soon as I get these slops off me. 'Fore George! How small-clothes stick when they 're wet!"

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