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They were rabid for the control of the government by their own organized machine. Of Chandler, in Michigan, it was said that he "carried the Republican organization in his breeches pocket"; partly through control of the Federal patronage, which Lincoln frankly conceded to him, partly through a "judicious use of money."

Still we cannot deny that authority may be as much injured by words as by actions. Hence, although the freedom we are discussing cannot be entirely denied to subjects, its unlimited concession would be most baneful; we must, therefore, now inquire, how far such freedom can and ought to be conceded without danger to the peace of the state, or the power of the rulers.

"Consider, Little Father," said May-may-gwán; "of the food I have prepared much; of the work, I have done much. I have tended the traps, raised the nets, fashioned many things, attended Eagle-eye. If I had not been here, then you, Little Father, could not have made your journeys. So you have gained some time." "That is true," conceded Sam. "Listen, Little Father, take me with you.

"Then your picturesque confrère, Captain Monk; and the singular circumstance that he owns a wealthy cousin of the same name; and this beautiful little yacht which you seem so free to utilize for the furtherance of your purposes. Is it strange, then, that one's curiosity is provoked, one's imagination alternately stimulated and baffled?" "No; I suppose not," Phinuit conceded thoughtfully.

A general apostasy from the primitive Church is conceded in effect by some authorities in ecclesiastical history; though few admit the entire discontinuance of priestly power, or the full suspension of authority to operate in the ordinances of the Church. This great apostasy was foretold.

Eminent sculptors were employed to prepare the statuary for the building which was generally conceded to be as fine as any upon the Exposition grounds, being most admirably adapted to the building as to scale.

Hence it came that Asquith, before the house-warming, knew as little about Farquhar Fenelon Cooke, the man, as the nineteenth century knows about William Shakespeare, and was every whit as curious. Like Shakespeare, Mr. Cooke was judged by his works, and from these he was generally conceded to be an illiterate and indifferent person of barbarous tastes and a mania for horses.

They're waitin' fer the Main Squeeze this here Red McIvor I was tellin' you about. I hears 'em mention his name, see, an' besides Weiler's there an' " "You win," conceded Phil. "Whisky traders, eh? Heading in to peddle the stuff to the Indians and around the camps." He smoked thoughtfully.

"It is now pretty generally admitted," says the author of Contemporary Evolution, "with regard to Christianity and theism that the arguments really telling against the first, are in their logical consequences fatal also to the second, and that a Deus Unus, Remunerator once admitted, an antecedent probability for a revelation must be conceded."

"I don't love him not in the way you mean." "He is nothing to you," Peter argued. "As a matter of fact, it never was what a marriage should be. It was always always a mistake." "Yes," she conceded, sadly, "it was always a mistake!" "Then there is nothing to bind you to him!" Peter added. "No and there isn't Alix to distress now!" she agreed, thoughtfully.

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