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I think the time has come at last for you to keep your promise." "Well," said he, "I believe there really is an old guitar or something of the kind among my traps somewhere. But it might wake Mr. Ghyrkins, who, I understand from his tones, is asleep." Various opinions were expressed to the effect that Mr.

The retribution had fallen very unequally upon the two parties to the conflict, but this was due to the legal traps and pitfalls prepared with such artful design by the Atchison conspiracy, and not to the personal indifference or ill-will of the Governor.

While they were talking a tug-boat towing a pile-driver came into view. Boyd asked the meaning of its presence in this part of the river. "I don't know," answered Big George, staring intently. "Yonder looks like another one behind it, with a raft of piles." "I thought all the Company traps were up-stream." "So they are. I can't tell what they're up to."

"If our black friend is in the neighbourhood he must have heard that shot," I observed. Returning with my prize, we packed up our traps, stuffing the roast pigeons into our kettle, which Mudge carried, while I hung the unplucked bird outside my pack. "Forward!" cried Mudge, and we turned our faces up the mountain. We soon got into a region very different from any we had as yet met with.

Our meal was soon over, for the delicacy of civilized life was not particularly observed, and our long seclusion from the society of females had rendered us little better than savages, as far as manners were concerned. "Now, then, pack up your traps, and he ready for a start. I'll be along here with my team in half an hour, as my freight is already loaded."

Beg pardon, sir, shall I get the fishing-lines out?" "No!" said Hilary shortly. "All right, sir. But beg pardon, sir." "What is it, Waters?" "Is the lieutenant soon coming aboard? His traps ar'n't come yet." "No," said Hilary firmly. "He's no longer in command." "Then I says three cheers, my lads," cried Billy Waters excitedly. "Leastwise, if I may." "No. Stop. No demonstrations now, my lads.

Rush-Marvelle had her hands full of other matters, she was aiding and abetting Marcia Van Clupp to set traps for that mild mouse Lord Masherville, and she was too much absorbed in this difficult and delicate business to attend to anything else just then.

When this operation was from any cause necessary, the upper trap was closed and all the lower apertures opened. The hot air from the chest immediately mounted to the upper end of the air chamber, and forced the excess of cold atmosphere out through these lower traps. The effect upon the globe was marvelous. It would bound skyward like a rocket.

A man with a good gun, and who knows how to set traps, need never starve in this country. Not but what I say a settler's life is the best for most people. I took to the woods when I was young, and now I am old I have no wife or children to care for me, and that's not the fate I would wish for any of you young people." The old man sighed deeply as he finished speaking.

At nightfall he sent for Kenny and by nine he was drunk. Again and again, wrought to a high pitch of resentment by the traps the invalid baited with an air of courtesy, Kenny cursed his own weak-kneed spasms of pity and surrender and resolved to break away.