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For, as I have said before, Miss Mouse was a very sensible little girl. She quite understood that any trouble of the kind would have done special harm to poor Nance and her grandson, on account of the prejudice already felt against them.

There had been some noise in the store, as if people were quarrelling, but all that died away, and then two men came out and stopped by the tree where I was standing. I kept still as a mouse, and pressed close up to the dark side, for the men were laughing, and I was afraid they might laugh at me if I came into the light.

Then I looked at the card with the green mouse on it.... And I want to ask you frankly, Smith, what would you have done?" "Oh, what you did, I suppose," replied Smith, wearily. "Go on." "I'm going. She entered " "She was tall and squeenly; you probably forgot that," observed Smith in his most objectionable manner. "Probably not; she was of medium height, as a detail of external interest.

After the cart was ready, the oxen were put in and the master took his seat in front, but Jack crouched in the back of the cart like a little heap of misery, sobbing now and then from having wept so much. "Silence," said his master sternly, "don't let me hear another word from you!" This was the last thing before they drove off. Jack sat as still as a mouse; he was almost afraid to breathe.

And out in the woods it was so pleasant, when the snow was on the ground, and the hare leaped by; yes even when he jumped over me; but I did not like it then! It is really terribly lonely here!" "Squeak! Squeak!" said a little Mouse, at the same moment, peeping out of his hole. And then another little one came. They snuffed about the Fir Tree, and rustled among the branches.

On the 16th of July my last horse, Mouse, died; he had a very long tail, for which I obtained A COW IN EXCHANGE. Nothing was prized so highly as horse's tails, the hairs being used for stringing beads, and also for making tufts as ornaments, to be suspended from the elbows. It was highly fashionable in Obbo for the men to wear such tufts, formed of the bushy ends of cow's-tails.

So she sat spinning and thinking for a little while, and then said: "It was a mouse that made him show himself in his own shape first, and it's few mice he can be catching, I guess, down in the bottom of the lough. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you half a dozen mice in a bag tomorrow, and you can let them loose when you get to the water side, and see if that will bring him up."

Sam lay still mouse while the lodger tip-toed out o' the room with 'is boots in his 'and, and then, springing up, follered him downstairs. "He caught 'im up just as he 'ad undone the front door, and, catching hold of 'im by the back o' the neck, shook 'im till 'e was tired. Then he let go of 'im and, holding his fist under 'is nose, told 'im to hand over the money, and look sharp about it.

So he plays with you as if you were a great mouse, creeping closer all the time, swishing his stub tail fiercely to lash himself up to the courage point of springing. But his movements are so still and shadowy that unless he follows you as you back away to the fire, and so comes within the circle of light, the chances are that you will never see him.

"But why stop at the gate? Drive up the avenue, my boy." "His honor told me, sir, not for the world to go farther than the lodge; nor to make as much noise as a mouse." "Ah! very true. He may be very irritable, poor man! Well stop here, and I'll get out." Just as the doctor had reached the ground, a very smart-looking soubrette tripped up, and said to him

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