"We may define politeness," says La Bruy,re, "though we cannot tell where to fix it in practice. It observes received usages and customs, is bound to times and places, and is not the same thing in the two sexes or in different conditions. Wit alone cannot obtain it: it is acquired and brought to perfection by emulation.

"Here 's the answer," he said quietly, "the taxes are paid until 1922." Robert Fairchild studied the receipts carefully futilely. They told him nothing. The lawyer stood looking down upon him; at last he laid a hand on his shoulder. "Boy," came quietly, "I know just about what you 're thinking.

"Look here, you," said one who spoke with the authority of leader, "we 've got to inquire into this. Wot 's be'n goin' on here? Wot 're you up to, Red-head? Wot you be'n doin'?" "Ain't be'n doin' nothin'," Simpson whined. "Looks like it." The leader turned up Brick's face to the electric light. "Who 's been paintin' you up like that?" he demanded.

The man who posed as the leader of the party picked up the empty coffee-pot beside him and shook it. "Come, now, Mrs. Bungay," he commanded, "I tell you we 're hungry, so trot out some hoecake and fill up this pot, unless you want to reckon with Red Lowrie." The woman stood facing him, yet never moved. I could see a red spot begin to glow in either cheek.

An official from Sheridan's headquarters had just paid informal visit to Scott, had had long talks with Stone, Leonard, and the chaplain, and a very short one with the plausible Devers, and had gone back to Chicago. He arrived at Scott within four days of Cranston's departure for the agency, and within five of the re incarceration of Trooper Brannan on charge of night prowling.

But never had he, or would he meet but with re probation that mode of argument which went, in fact, to establish, as an inference from this truth, that those who had been long slaves, ought therefore to remain so for over!

"Perhaps I would yes, I think you 're right. It is too bad. But we 'll have to wait." We waited and waited, and for once they went to bed on Christmas Eve with their tree uncut. I found it; got it on my shoulder; and long after nine o'clock as snowy and as weary an old Chris as ever descended a chimney came dragging in the tree.

For a moment, with a malicious grin upon his lips, Owen stood confronting the captain; then, as though thinking bet- ter of himself, he turned round and rejoined his companions, who were still talking together in an undertone. When I was afterward discussing the matter with Curtis, I asked him whether he was sure he had done right in re- fusing the brandy. "Right!" he cried, "to be sure I have.

So when he sees me getting the canoe ready, he says: "Well, then, if you re bound to go, I'll tell you the way to do when you get to the village.

But if, in the present state of science, the alternative is offered us, either germs can stand a greater heat than has been supposed, or the molecules of dead matter, for no valid or intelligible reason that is assigned, are able to re- arrange themselves into living bodies, exactly such as can be demonstrated to be frequently produced in another way, I cannot understand how choice can be, even for a moment, doubtful.