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A pile of wood had been collected near the blaze, and while nothing was said about standing watch, it was understood that if any of them roused in the night he was to pile fuel on the embers, not only to keep up the genial heat, but to drive off any prowling beasts that might try to raid their stock of provisions. "Well, I'm going to turn in," finally announced Blake. "I'm dead tired."

If he went out into the streets, it had better be after the summer dusk had fallen, when Cale took his daughter home. He agreed, therefore, to remain within doors all that day; and he was not sorry he had done so when presently he observed two of his enemies slowly prowling past the house, scanning the windows furtively, and talking together in very earnest tones.

'What are you prowling about for? demanded Mat. 'To blow your brains out, apparently, answered Mandy, lowering her arms. 'Why are you abroad? 'To stab you, I fancy, and Mat sheathed her dagger balked of its prey. 'I heard a noise. 'So did I. 'Let's see what it is, and lighting a candle, the fair Amazons looked boldly about the shadowy room.

On the third step from the bottom, Starr, feeling his way with his hands, touched a dozing watchman and choked him into submission before the fellow had emitted more than a sleepy grunt of surprise. They left him gagged and tied to the iron leg of some heavy piece of machinery, and went on up the stairs, treading as stealthily as a prowling cat.

She heard cow-bells and sheep-bells tinkling round about her, and concluded that she could not be far from the saeters, or mountain dairies. That was fortunate, indeed, for she would not have liked to sleep in the woods with wolves and bears prowling about her.

It was lunacy.... He'd got worked up over some horrible story he'd heard," went on the young man in the mingling humor and embarrassment, "and nothing for it but that you'd gone the same way. And if you'll believe it, he had us prowling around that old palace like a pair of jolly idiots primed to get their heads blown off and served us jolly well right!

But he didn't, for Bowser the Hound was always prowling around, and then again he was almost sure to be seen by some one. At last one day it began to snow. It snowed all day and it snowed all night. Rough Brother North Wind piled it up in great drifts in front of the hen-house door and all along one side of the hen-house. It covered the traps so deep that they couldn't possibly catch any one.

To guard the premises and frighten off robbers, of whom he was somewhat apprehensive, and visitors, whom he held in almost equal awe, my uncle kept two or three blood-hounds, who were always prowling round the house, and were the dread of the neighboring peasantry.

Ask me in the morning. What have you been prowling after all night?" There was no answer. Renmark was evidently asleep. "I'll ask you in the morning," muttered Yates drowsily after which there was silence in the tent. Yates had stubbornly refused to give up his search for rest and quiet in spite of the discomfort of living in a leaky and battered tent.

Outside General was lying a few yards away from the house, crouched alertly, and gazing out prairiewards. He called the dog to him. "Injuns, boy," he said, in a low tone. "S-seek 'em!" The dog responded with a low growl, and then moved off out into the darkness, with the prowling gait of a puma stalking its prey. "He'll keep us posted," Seth observed quietly to Rube. "You kind o' understan' him."

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