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And presently he departed from Cale with 50 horsemen and 60. footemen. He left the master of the Campe Luys de Moscoso with all the rest of the people there, with charge that hee should not depart thence vntill hee had word from him.

Luys de Moscoso and many others thought, that from Apalache they should returne backe; and in Cale they buried their yron tooles, and diuers other things. They came to Caliquen with great trouble; because the Countrie, which the Gouernour had passed by, was spoiled and destitute of Maiz.

The home of Amos Vick was visible, standing half-a-mile back from the river. He looked hard and long at the house in which he had spent the first three weeks of his stay in the country. So young Cale had gone off to join the Navy, eh? Good! And Rosabel, what of her? What was she doing over at the old Windom house that day? Could it have been she who was watching him? Looking badly, too, they said.

Young Cale Vick stood for a long time looking down at the inert thing at his feet. Then he calmly stooped over and placed the pistol in one of the outstretched hands, closing the stiff fingers over it. Scattering the fire with his feet, he trampled out what was left of the feeble flames, and then strode to the mouth of the cave. He stood rigid for a long time, listening.

A shrewd lawyer, however and Pepper would employ a shrewd one would turn their evidence inside out. "No evidence in theory, at least can controvert a written instrument, signed, sealed, and delivered. Even Cale Schell's memoranda book cannot be taken as evidence, save in a contributory way. It is not direct. It is the carelessly scribbled record, in pencil, of a busy man. "No.

"I guess I put one over on you, Courtney," interrupted Cale, his voice low and deadly. "I am the fellow that chased you here. There's nobody else. Oh, I know they're looking for you, but they don't know where you are. Nobody knows but me. I saw you sneaking across that lot back yonder. I was down at the ferry I saw Rosabel there." His voice faltered. He steadied it with an effort before going on.

Taxiles, however, persuaded Calanus to wait upon Alexander. His proper name was Sphines, but because he was wont to say Cale, which in the Indian tongue is a form of salutation, to those he met with anywhere, the Greeks called him Calanus. He is said to have shown Alexander an instructive emblem of government, which was this.

He had allied himself with those who sought to avenge Keithley." I nodded my head. "There were Cale Springer, Bud Dode I could enumerate other victims, but that is all unnecessary detail. What concerns us is this. Jim Garvin is county judge. In a rough way he is the political boss of the region and he has built up a fortune.

"What did you get the cross for if you weren't fighting?" demanded young Cale. "For doing what a whole lot of other fellows did, simply going out and getting a wounded man or two in No-Man's Land. We didn't think much about it at the time." "Was it very dangerous?" asked Rosabel. "I suppose it was, more or less so," replied Thane indifferently. He even yawned.

"What's wrong with the people, Cale?" demanded Jesse Wingate of his stouthearted associate, Caleb Price. The sun was two hours high, but not all the breakfast fires were going. Men were moody, truculent, taciturn, as they went about their duties. Caleb Price bit into his yellow beard as he gazed down the irregular lines of the encampment. "Do you want me to tell you the truth, Jesse?" "Why, yes!"