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The sight of that shameless annexe is too familiar in France to please our fastidious English tastes it seems to express a truculent nonconformity, it is too like a dissenting chapel-of-ease. Wherever God erects a house of prayer The devil always builds a chapel there.

There must be some white men in the town who would stand for law and order, there's no possible chance for Sandy to escape hanging by due process of law, if he is guilty. We might at least try half a dozen gentlemen." "We'd better leave Josh here," said Watson. "He's too truculent. If he went on the street he'd make trouble, and if he accompanied us he'd do more harm than good.

She could not see Winn being led he was too truculent and he had never in his tenderest moments evinced the slightest taste for higher things. It would be better perhaps if they simply set him a good example. He would be certain not to follow it. She and Lionel would have terrible moments, of course.

James was already on his way to Hoddesdon, and would be there if I needed him. No harm was done if my conjectures were at fault; I had left no loophole that I could see, if they were not. Rumbald himself standing astraddle in the doorway. I must confess however that the sight of him gave me a little check. He appeared to me more truculent than I had ever seen him.

I've met country folks who'd have been servilely apologetic, and some who would have called you ugly names." "These people are never apologetic," Osborn said dryly. "As a rule, they're not truculent, but they're devilish obstinate." "I think I see. After all, it's possible to stick to your point without abusing your antagonist. I suppose you turned them out because of the pheasants?"

Prison, they said, had a wonderfully quieting effect upon even the most truculent, the Count being quickly subdued when he saw his sword-play had but little effect on the chain.

They were tall, barbaric-looking men, and some had a truculent look, but most were of a daring open manner, and careless in speech and gay at heart. Cumner's Son told them of his ride and of Tang-a-Dahit, and, at last, of the men of their tribe who died by the Palace wall.

Farnese endeavoured in vain to win back the famous partizan by most liberal offers, for he felt bitterly the mistake he had made in alienating so formidable a freebooter. But the truculent Martin remained obdurate and irascible.

The ideas of Knox, in fact, varied in varying circumstances and moods, and, as we shall show, at times he preached notions far more truculent than those attributed to him by his biographer; at times was all for saint-like submission and mere "passive resistance." The current ideas of both parties on "killing no murder" were little better than those of modern anarchists.

Goliath's bluster is full of contempt of David and truculent self- confidence. Its coarseness is characteristic, he will make his boyish antagonist food for vultures and jackals. It is exactly what a bully would say. David's answer throbs with buoyant confidence, and stands as a stimulating example of the temper in which God's soldiers should go out to every fight, no matter against what odds.