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She choked back a sob as she saw that one of the envelopes bore her father's handwriting, the other that of Arline Thayer. "Don't wait for me, Grace. Go on upstairs and read your letters. I must see Mrs. Elwood about that package I expected by express." Setting down her suit case, Anne hurried down the hall.

I have kept an account for you and, if you will be good enough to see if it is right, I will hand you the amount due you." He pushed a paper toward Adrian who would not, at first, touch it. "You owe me nothing, sir, nor can I take anything. I thank you for your hospitality and some time " he stopped, choked, and made a telling gesture.

Walking up to the girl, whose name she did not know, she said, "Sissy, can you tell me where John is?" Quickly "Sissy's" ivories became visible, as she replied, "We hain't got any such nigger as John." With a silent invective upon negroes in general, and this one in particular, Mrs. Nichols choked, stammered, and finally said, "I didn't ask for a nigger; I want your master, John!"

"Well?" asked Hi Martin, gazing coolly into the flashing eyes. "You know better!" choked Teall. "Of course you know better, Hi Martin," Dick broke in. "Ted Teall isn't any more of a thief than you are." "You fellows have no share in this matter," Hi retorted coldly. "I'll thank you to keep out, and to mind your own business." A little way down the street Hi caught sight of his father approaching.

"True, I assure you; may I present you with this sprig of it," cutting off a small twig, and presenting it at the same instant unseen by the others. She hesitated for an instant, and then extending her fair and taper hand took it. I dared not look at her as she did so, but a proud swelling triumph at my heart nearly choked me.

The gossamerlike wheels threw the light from their swift spokes. Sam, half choked by the swirl of dust, gazed after them. Sherwood, leaning slightly forward against the first eagerness of the animals, showed a strong, competent, arresting figure, with his beaver hat, his keen grim face, his snow-white linen, and the blue of his brass-buttoned-coat.

Holt," he replied, with a gravity little short of sublime. "Naturally you wouldn't have had," said Mrs. Holt. "What I meant was, are you interested in the problems they have to face?" "Extremely," said he, so unexpectedly that Honora choked. "I can't say that I've given as many hours as I should have liked to a study of the subject, but I don't know of any class that has a harder time.

But he cleared out the rubbish that choked the place where the stair had led lower down, came upon it again in tolerable preservation a little beneath, and followed it into a passage that ran under the burn, appearing to lead in the direction of the cave behind the Baillies' Barn. Doubtless there was some foundation for the legend of Lord Gernon.

I believe in that case he'll let you go." "I'm going to help you," she said, rising resolutely. "When you stop shooting " she choked a little over the words, her voice caught in a dry little sob "then I'll stop shooting, too!" "Stay back there, Frances! Do you hear stay back!"

A. Because when they be on the left side, the lungs do lie upon and cover the heart, which is on that side under the pap; now the heart, the fountain of life, being thus occupied and hindered with the lungs, cannot exercise its own proper operation, as being overmuch heated with the lungs lying upon it, and therefore wanting the refreshment of the air which the lungs do give it, like the blowing of a pair of bellows, is choked and suffocated, but by lying on the right side, those inconveniences are avoided.