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'You are rather a brick, Jane, said Kitty. 'To-morrow, said Jane, 'I shall certainly write to your father urging his immediate return before you begin to grow grey-haired. 'You 've had a fairly odious Christmas Day, said Kitty, not noticing the interruption.

"We're Americans," said Roscoe, regaining his self-possession. "Ach! Diss iss good for you. If you are English, ve kill you! You have kamerads vere?" "There's only the two of us," said Roscoe. Tom seemed willing enough to let his companion do the talking, and indeed Roscoe, now that he had recovered his poise, seemed altogether the fitter of the two to be the spokesman.

And they 're not going to do that until they 've gotten what they want." "Which is ?" "Anita! Any fool ought to be able to know that. Of course," she added with an acrid smile, "persons that are so head over heels in love themselves that they can't see ten feet in front of them would n't be able to understand it but other people can. The Rodaines know they can't do anything directly with Anita.

I vill die first. You is poor, an' ve cannot expect you keep all de dyin' miners vor noting. "`Well, says I, `I won't go for to say I'm over rich, for times air raither hard just now; but it ain't me as is the friend. I assure you I'm paid for it in full, so you make your mind easy. "With that he lay down an' gave a long sigh.

Help one another, is part of the religion of our sisterhood, Fan." "I must put you in a story, Polly. I want a heroine, and you will do," said Kate. "Me! why, there never was such a humdrum, unromantic thing as I am," cried Polly, amazed. "I 've booked you, nevertheless, so in you go; but you may add as much romance as you like, it 's time you did."

"'Now you 've done it, cried Sally, as Mary scratched like a mad rat, and a door creaked below, for Miss Cotton was not deaf. "Such a flurry as we were in! Out went the candle, and each one rushed away with as much of the feast as she could seize in her haste. Sally dived into her bed, recklessly demolishing the last pie, and scattering the candy far and wide.

'Waft her gently, Victor! 'Tush! Now for the South side of the Bridges; and I tell you, Simeon, what I can't mention to-night: I mean to enliven these poor dear people on their forsaken South of the City. I 've my scheme. Elected or not, I shall hardly be accused of bribery when I put down my first instalment. Fenellan went to work with that remark in his brain for the speech he was to deliver.

"Then women are permitted to have hearts?" "Shoost so, Mr. Carpenter! Ha, ha, ha! Ve business fellers my Gawd, if you knew vot business is, you'd vunder we got hearts enough to keep our blood movin'." "Business," said Carpenter, still pondering. "Then it's business " "Yes, business " put in T-S. "Dat's it!" And he lowered his voice, and looked round once more.

O'Rourke as he ought to have been a species of seraphic being mixed up in some way with a violin; and to this ideal she erected a costly headstone in the suburban cemetery. "It would be a proud day for Larry," observed Margaret contemplatively, "if he could rest his oi on the illegant monumint I 've put up to him." If Mr.

It was sent me as a punishment, and I 'm not going to say to any one how I got it; but I 've come here, my own Dumpy Dad, to tell you, darling, that your Hollyhock will not return on Saturday with the four other Flower Girls. It's right, and I 'm content. Good-bye, daddy; good-bye. I 'm struggling at that school, and in a fight you often get a scar.

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