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I will lay a wager he will give himself airs as if he were an honest man, and deny the robbery, though the goods have been found in his hands. Good luck to whoever sends the whole pack of you to the galleys. A fitter place it will be for this scoundrel, where he may serve his Majesty, instead of going about dancing from place to place, and thieving from venta to mountain.

This wreck of a man was still fitter to lead armies and guide councils than any soldier or statesman that Philip could call into his service, yet the king's cruel hand was ready to stab the dying man in the dark. Nothing could surpass the spirit with which the soldier was ready to do battle with his best friend, coming in the guise of an enemy.

I doubt not, therefore, sir, but that when some fitter opportunity shall present itself he will clear their resemblance, and branch out the parallel between them into a thousand particulars. In the mean time, sir, it may be proper for the house to expedite the bill, against which no argument has yet been produced, and which is of too much importance to be delayed by raillery or invectives. Mr.

"To go as pirates; and catch up poor Negroes, or people of another land, that never forfeited life or liberty, and to make them slaves, and sell them, is one of the worst kinds of thievery in the world; and such persons are to be taken for the common enemies of mankind; and they that buy them and use them as beasts for their mere commodity, and betray, or destroy, or neglect their souls, are fitter to be called devils incarnate than christians: It is an heinous sin to buy them, unless it be in charity to deliver them.

If she be dead, the fitter she's for me, She'll now be coy no more, nor cry I cannot love, And frown and blush, when I but kiss her hand: Now I shall read no terror in her Eyes, And what is better yet, shall ne'er be jealous. Pis. Why didst thou make such haste to be undone? Had I detain'd thee but an hour longer, Thou'dst been the only happy of thy Sex.

It seems to me, Sir, that this is extraordinary language, and an extraordinary tone, for the discussions of this body. Matches and overmatches! Those terms are more applicable elsewhere than here, and fitter for other assemblies than this. Sir, the gentleman seems to forget where and what we are.

Yes, Tom, it was important to me to clear up your countenance, for I want to bespeak your services to-morrow as my friend. 'My Lord! cried Tom, aghast. 'If you do require any such service, though I should not have thought it, there are many nearer your own rank, officers and gentlemen fitter for an affair of the kind. I never knew anything about fire-arms, since I gave up poaching.

Loss of honor at Crefeld; loss of Louisburg and Codfishery: these are serious blows our enemy has had. And obliges you to walk away on the instant, and quit Ticonderoga, like a surely like a very tragic Dignitary in Cocked-hat! To be cashiered, we will hope; at least to be laid on the shelf, and replaced by some Wolfe or some Amherst, fitter for the business!

"This is unbecoming language for one of your calling," he said, scarce deeming it necessary to conceal the contempt he felt. "Do you acknowledge fealty to this ensign are you an Englishman?" "I am such as Heaven was pleased to make me fitter for the zephyr, than the gale the jest, than the war-shout the merry moment, than the angry mood."

A proof worthy of the manly mind of Luther, and compared with which the Grotian pretended demonstrations, from Grotius himself to Paley, are mischievous underminings of the Faith, pleadings fitter for an Old Bailey thieves' counsellor than for a Christian divine.