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Floating ideas, not yet woven into the warp and woof of life, not yet incarnate in the individual or in the social order, have little influence on the character of the individual or the group, however beautiful, true, or elevating such ideas may be in themselves.

As already said, the incarnate personality impresses us thru certain vibrations. But after that portion of the vibrations constituting "the body" disappears, there still abides somewhere the capacity of impressing us, at least in the dream life.

And then on a sudden it came. Overhead lay the quiet summer air, charged with the Supernatural as a cloud with thunder electric, vibrating with power. Here beneath lay souls thirsting for its touch of fire patient, desirous, infinitely pathetic; and in the midst that Power, incarnate for us men and our salvation. Then it descended, swift and mighty.

Ah! it would have been no use for the deceased to deny it the blood of de Buxieres runs in his veins!" "If public rumor is to be believed," said Julien timidly, rising to go, "my deceased cousin Claude was very much addicted to profane pleasures." "Yes, yes, indeed!" sighed the Abbe, "he was a devil incarnate but what a magnificent man! What a wonderful huntsman!

They had been seeking their meat among the farmer houses, and, in coming home, forgathered on the road with the Glasgow carrier, who told them that news had come, in the London Gazette, of a battle, in which the regiment that Thomas had listed in was engaged, and had suffered loss both in rank and file; none doubting that their head was in the number of the slain, the whole family grat aloud, and came to the manse, bewailing him as no more; and it afterwards turned out to be the case, making it plain to me that there is a farseeing discernment in the spirit, that reaches beyond the scope of our incarnate senses.

'We love Him because He first loved us, and such love will flower and fruit in obedience. I shall keep His commandments when I love Him. I shall love Him with a love that makes my will plastic and my life a glad service, when by faith I grasp Him as the Incarnate Lord, 'who loved me and gave Himself for me.

But you'll take me away with you, sir; you'll not leave me aboard here to fall into the hands of my enemies again? Sir, sir, you are an Englishman, you say, and your tongue is English. You have a kind, good face. Sir, take me with you, and make me your slave if you will, but let me not fall into the hands of those incarnate fiends the Spaniards again."

On the contrary troops keep further off before its effects. The primitive man, the Arab, is instability incarnate. A breath, a nothing, governs him at each instant in war. The civilized man, in war, which is opposed to civilization, returns naturally to his first instincts. With the Arab war remains a matter of agility and cunning.

Instinct works by formulas, which, as it were, make up the animal, so that the ant and the bee are atoms of incarnate constructiveness and acquisitiveness, and nothing else.

"I am glad you like it I do." "It would suit the mythologic Maia." "Then it will not me." "Yes, yes," sighed Jacques, in a whisper; "you are May incarnate with its tender grace, and lovely freshness, and Arcadian beauty." Belle-bouche smiled, and yet did not laugh at the oft repeated Arcadian simile.

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